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Shanghai Tours | Sightseeing Trip to Shanghai

Shanghai tour photoProfile of Shanghai Tour

Shanghai tour refers to sightseeing trip or holiday spend in Shanghai. Being the biggest city of China, Shanghai is one of the must visit city of China. Most travelers spend 2 to 4 days in Shanghai.

Beijingservice team can provide vehicle, driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee, meal and hotel accommodation.
Shanghai team of Beijingservice.com :
Photo of Shanghai tour operator Photo of Shanghai tour operator Photo of Shanghai tour operator Photo of Shanghai tour operator Photo of Shanghai tour operator

During the Shanghai sightseeing trip, travelers may discover the ancient aspect and modern side of the city. Many water town or cities are possible to be included in Shanghai sightseeing trip.

Shanghai Tour Type

Shanghai is a huge modern city. The Shanghai tour may show you the old Shanghai attractions as well as new Shanghai places.  The following Shanghai tour types are often used by travelers: 

Shanghai Private Tour

Shanghai private package tour
Shanghai private 1 day tourShanghai tour photo
Shanghai private half day tour
Shanghai private evening trip
Shanghai private layvoer tour
Shanghai private transfer service
Shanghai unique private tour
Shanghai private trip covers water town
Shanghai private tour covers Suzhou Garden
Shanghai private tour start from Cruise port
Shanghai china private tour

Shanghai Join in Bus Tour / Seat in Coach Tour

Shanghai join in package tour
Shanghai one day join in bus tour

Shanghai Private Tour

Shanghai private tour offers private vehicle and tour guide serivce to help travelers to discover Shanghai. Private package tour, private one day tour, private half day tour, private evening tour, privaet layover tour and private transfer service is included. 

Shanghai Private Package Tour

SP-1. Glance of Shanghai -  2 days Shanghai private package tour
SP-2. Classic Shanghai -  4 days Shanghai private package tour
SP-3. Deep Shanghai -  5 days Shanghai private package tour
SP-4. Panorama Shanghai -  5 days Shanghai private package tour

SH-PH-01. 3 days Shanghai typical package tour
SH-PH-02. Shanghai 3 days package tour include Huangpu River Cruise
SH-PH-03. Shanghai and Zhujiajiao private package tour
SH-PH-04. Shanghai 4 days typical package tour
SH-PH-05. 4 days Shanghai Suzhou packaged trip
SH-PH-06. 4 days private package tour of Shanghai and Zhouzhuang Water village
SH-PH-07. Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou Hangzhou 6 Days Tour

Classic Shanghai package tour exclude hotel

SH-PK-01. Shanghai 2 days package tour
SH-PK-02. Shanghai Zhouzhuang 2 days packaged trip
SH-PK-03. Shanghai Suzhou 2 days tour package
SH-PK-04. Shanghai Hangzhou 2 days tour package
SH-PK-05. Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou 3 days package tour
SH-PK-06. Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou Hangzhou 4 days package tour

Shanghai Unique private package tour

Shanghai tour photoShanghai family package tour
Shanghai kids private package tour
Shanghai photograph private package tour
Shanghai private package tour focused on watertown
Shanghai private package tour focused on south China garden
Shanghai Jweish private package tour
Shanghai Taoist package tour
Shanghai private art package tour

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Shanghai Private One Day Tour

Shanghai one day private tour offers private vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee and lunch to help travelers to discvoer Shanghai within 8 hours.
SH-PO-01. Shanghai classic one day city private tour
SH-PO-04. Shanghai 1 day private tour include Huangpu River Cruise
SH-PO-05. Shanghai one day private tour from cruise port
SH-PO-06. Shanghai 1 day custom private tour
SH-PO-07. Shanghai one day moderen city private trip
SH-PO-08. Zhujiajiao 1 day private tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-09. Zhouzhuang 1 day private tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-12. Zhouzhuang and Grand View Garden 1 day private trip from Shanghai
SH-PO-14. Wuzhen one day private tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-10. Suzhou private one day tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-13. Suzhou Zhouzhuang private 1 day tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-11. Hangzhou private one day tour from Shanghai
SH-PO-15. Wuxi private 1 day tour from Shanghai

Shanghai Half Day Private Tour

Shanghai tour photoShanghai half day private tour offers vehicle, driver, tour guide for travelers to discover top attractions of Shanghai within 4 hours. Meal is excluded. 
SH-PO-02. Shanghai half day tour of Yu Garden and the Bund 
SH-PO-03. Shanghai Museum, People's Square the Bund
SH-PO-01Half. Jade Buddha Temple and Shanghai Museum half day private tour
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Shanghai Private Evening Tour

Shanghai private evening tours offers private vehicle, driver, guide to help travelers to discover the city at night within around 4 hours.
SH-PO-01Evening. Shanhgai private evening trip to discover The Bund and Huangpu River Cruise.
SH-PO-02Evening. ERA circus private evening tour of Shanghai
SH-PO-03Evening. Shanghai private evening tour of Acrobatic Show
SH-PO-04Evening. Shanghai private evening Shopping tour: Nanjing Road, Renmin Square, Huaihai Road.
SH-PO-05Evening. Pudong New Area private evening trip to visit Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Binjiang Avenue
SH-PO-06Evening. Shanghai private evening tour to visit Xintiandi Area and Old French Concession
SH-PO-07Evening. Shanghai private evening tour to visit Old Street and Hengshan Road.  
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Shanghai Private Layover Tour

Shanghai private layover private tour start from Train Station, Cruise Port, Shanghai Pudong airport or Hongqiao airport.  After sightseeing in Shanghai,  travelers will be transferred back for departure. Beijingservice team offers half day and one day private layover tour.

SH-PO-01LayoverHalf. Shanghai half day private layover tour of Shanghai Museum, Renmin Square.
SH-PO-02LayoverHalf. Yu Garden and Shanghai Old Street half day private layover trip
SH-PO-03LayoverHalf. The Bund and Nanjing Road half day private trip of Shanghai,
SH-PO-04LayoverHalf. Old House Museum and Xintiandi Area half day layover private tour.
SH-PO-05LayoverHalf. Shanghai half day private tour of Pudong New Area and Oriental Pearl TV Tower,
SH-PO-06LayoverHalf. Shanghai private layover trip include The Bund and One hour cruise on Huangpu River.

SH-PO-01Layover. Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Renmin Square, Jade Buddha Temple (, Lunch, )
SH-PO-02Layover. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road, The bund (, Lunch, )
SH-PO-05Layover. Shanghai one day private layover tour of Zhujiajiao Watertown (, Lunch, )

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Shanghai Private Transfer Service

Shanghai tour photoShanghai transfer service offers private vehicle, driver, toll, parking and fuel.   Tour guide is only avaiable upon request.
SH-PT-01. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport private transfer
SH-PT-02. Shanghai private transfer service from Pudong Airport
SH-PT-03. Shanghai Railway Station private transfer
SH-PT-04. Shanghai Huishan Cruise Port private transfer
SH-PT-05. Waigaoqiao Cruise Port private transfer

Shanghai China Private Tour

China private tour include Shanghai is listed as below. Package include flight, train, hotel, vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee and meal. 

BC-PH-06. Beijing Shanghai 6 days package tour
BC-PH-08. Beijing Shanghai Suzhou 7 days private packge tour
BC-PH-09. Beijing Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhang Hangzhou 9 days private package tour 

C1. Glance of China including Shanghai (6 days)
C2. Quick View of China including Shanghai (6 days)
C3. Classic China including Shanghai (9 days)

CT-SH-01. Shanghai Beijing Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Hongkong (13 days)
CT-SH-02. Shanghai Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Beijing (9 days)
CT-SH-03. Shanghai Guilin Beijing ( 10 days )
CT-SH-04. Shanghai Guilin Xian Beijing (11 days)
CT-SH-05. Shanghai Guilin Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Beijing Shanghai (10 days)
CT-SH-06. Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Huangshan Beijing Xian Hong Kong (12 days )

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Shanghai Private Tour Start From Cruise Port

tour from Cruise portMore and more travelers come to China via cruise ship.    It is possible to take a Shanghai private tour start from Shanghai Cruise Port.  Driver and guide of Beijingservice team can pick up travelers from Cruise Port.

Shanghai private package tour from Cruise port

a. 2 days Shanghai package tour from cruise port ( 1 night accommodation in Shanghai )
b. 3 days Shanghai package tour from cruise port include watertown
c. 4 days Shanghai package tour from cruise port include Suzhou Garden and watertown.

Shanghai one day private tour from Cruise port

SH-PO-05. the Bund, Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum
SH-PO-01Cruise. Jewish quarter, Old French Concession, Shanghai Museum, the Bund, Pudong New Area.
SH-PO-02Cruise. Donghua University, Hongfang Art Zone, Wukang Road, Xintiandi Area,

Shanghai Join In Bus Tour / Seat in Coach Tour

Shanghai join in bus tours, also called group tour or seat in coach tour,  operated by local tour company. Travelers pay entry and take part in the tour to share tour coach in Shanghai as well English speaking tour guide with other English speaking travelers.

Shanghai join in bus tour package / seat in coach package

SH-ST2-06 Shanghai and Suzhou 2 days bus tour
SH-ST3-03 Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang 3 days bus tour
SH-ST4-02 Shanghai Suzhou and Zhouzhuang 4 days bus tour

Shanghai city one day join in bus tour / one day seat in coach tour

Shanghai tour photo SH-ST-01 One day Shanghai city bus tour
SH-ST-02 Half day city tour on the morning
SH-ST-02D Old Shanghai half day city morning bus tour
SH-ST-02E Old Shanghai half day afternoon bus tour
SH-ST-03 Shanghai alf cay city tour in the evening

SH-ST-11 Old Shanghai city one day bus tour
SH-ST-04 Suzhou Zhouzhuang 1 day bus tour from Shanghai
SH-ST-05 Zhouzhuang half day bus trip
SH-ST-06 Hangzhou one day bus tour from Shanghai
SH-ST-07 Suzhou one day tour from Shanghai include Humble Administrator's Garden
SH-ST-08 Shanghai full-view sightseeing 1 day bus tour
SH-ST-09 Zhujiajiao Water Town and Huangpu River night cruise bus tour
SH-ST-10 Suzhou 1 day tour from Shanghai include Lingering Garden

Shanghai Tour Tips

The following tour tips are often be used when travelers plan a trip to Beijing.

Top Attractions of Shanghai Tour

The following attractions are often included in Shanghai tour itinerary: Yu Garden, Yu Market, Shanhgai Museum, Renmin Square, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai old street, 1933 old mill fund, Xintiandi Area, Old French Concession Area, Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund, Cruise on Huangpu River,

Shanghai Tour Planning Suggestion

Shanghai tour photoBeijingservice team suggest Shanghai classic package tour if this is your first trip to Shanghai. Maglev train from PVG ( Pudong International Airport ) is available if you do not have so much luggage. Beijingservice suggest Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai Old House Setting Museum, City God Temple, Yu market and Old French Concession if you prefer to see the traditional and old aspect of Shananghai. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, People Square, Binjiang Avenue, Shanghai Expo and Shanghai Center to discover the modern side of the city. Yu Garden is a south China Garden, similiar with but not same with Suzhou Garden. Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road are the top places for Shopping in Shanghai. Tianzifang Art Zone or M50 Art Zone is suggested if you prefer to include a local art zone. 3-4 days tour is the popular tour length of normal Shanghai tour include separate day for arrival and departure transfer.

It is available to visit Suzhou and Zhouzhuang to discover Suzhou Garden and south China water town, within one day or on separate two days. 2 star hostel to 5 start hotel are all available, 3.5 to 4.5 star hotel in downtown area are suggested. Local market, living district, antique market, local street, bus or subway are suggested if travelers prefer to touch the life of local people.

Shanghai Classic Itinerary

The following Shanghai package tour itinerary are often choose by foreign travelers when plan a trip to Shanghai.
Day 1. Be met from train station, airport odr cruise port. Be transferred to airport for departure. ( B, L, )
Day 2. Be met from hotel at 08:30 am. Visit Yu Garden, Yu Market, Lunch, Shanghai Museum, People Square, Jade Buddha Temple, Xintiandi Area. ( B, L, )
Day 3. Be met from hotel at 08:30 am. Drive to visit Suzhou Garden and Zhouzhuang Watertown. ( B, L, ) Day 4. Be met from hotel at 08:30am. Visit Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road, The Bund. Be transfer to airprt for departure. ( B, L, )

If travelers prefer to visit Shanghai within one day, then we suggest this itinerary :
Classic Shanghai one day tour: Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, the Bund ( , Lunch, )

Water Town Tour from Shanghai

The following Watertown is closed to Shanghai. Zhujiajiao Watertown, Zhouzhuang Watertown, Tongli Watertown, Luzhi Watertown, Wuzhen Watertown, Xitang Watertown, Above towns are popular ones often visited by travelers, possible to be visited within one day time. Beijingservice also selected some unpopular Watertowns near Shanghai. This kind of Watertowns are not so commercial and touristy, which is good choice if travelers prefer to see the real Watertown or make a deep visit of watertown.

Suzhou Garden Tour Near Shanghai

Shanghai Suzhou tour photoSuzhou Garden is possible to be visited from Shanghai. Travelers will be met from down hotel of Shanghai and then drive 1.5 to 2 hours to Suzhou. Travelers will visit Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Grden and Grand Cancel. We will visit a local street if time permit. please let us know if you prefer to visit an unpopular garden in Suzhou. After the one day tour, travelers will be transfered back to hotel in Shanghai. nt.

Start Place of Shanghai Trip

Most Shanghai trip start from Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG), Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Train Station or hotel in dowtnown Shanghai. Part of travelers come to visit Shanghai via International cruise ship, Beijingservice can send tour guide and vehicle to pick up travelers from cruise port. It is possible to visit Shanghai from another city of China, such as Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Nanning, Hangzhou, Ningbo... Beijingservice will arrange the flights or train between the city and Shanghai, as well as the sightseeing trip in Shanghai.

Shanghai Tour Vehicle and Driver

Shanghai tour vehicle photo5 seats car, 7 seats van, 9 seats van, 15 seats van, 19 seats minibus, 35 seats coach, 45 seats coach and 50 seats coach are available to be arranged for Shanghai tour. All vehicles are equipped with air condition in good condition. The vehicle was made within 3 years.

The driver arranged for Shanghai sightseeing trip are experienced tourism driver. Most of them worked in tourism field more than 10 years. Small part of driver can speak simple English, but most driver do not speaking English.
  An English speaking tour guide is necessary if travelers need to communicate with driver.

Tour Guide of Shanghai Tour

All tour guides of Beijingservice team was licensed by tourism bureau. Tour guide of Shanghai trip pick up travelers from airport or hotel in downtown area. Then the tour guide will introduce building or square on the way.
Shanghai Suzhou tour photo Shanghai Suzhou tour photoShanghai Suzhou tour photoShanghai Suzhou tour photoShanghai Suzhou tour photoShanghai Suzhou tour photo
Affter reaching attractions, Shanghai tour guide will lead travelers to discover the attraction along the best visiting routes and offers introduction of the attraction. It is helpful for travelers to discover the culture, history, story or building of the attraction.

Most tour guide of Beijingservice team speak English & Chinese. Please inform us if travelers needs German, Dutch, French, Spanish or Russian speaking tour guide.

See more information of Shanghai team of Beijingservice.

Food Arrangement for Shanghai Tour

Shanghai tour restaurant photoBreakfast are included in hotel when you make reservation. Lunch will be arranged near attractions or on the way there to save time for travelers.
Most dinner will be arranged on travelers own unless travelers request all three meals of each day included in Shanghai tour.
Beijingservice can arrange special food for travelers to Shanghai include Vegetable food, Indian food, western food, Muslim food, Hala food, deluxe dinner and buffet dinner. The above special food is only available upon request from travelers.

Shanghai Tour Advisor

It is necessary to contact a Shanghai tour advisor when you need to tailor a Shanghai tour. The tour advisor of Beijingservice team is familiar with all attractions of Shanghai as well as the area near Shanghai, both popular attractions and unpopular but interesting attraction.
Our Shanghai tour advisor will help you to set up the best itinerary in Shanghai.

Best Season of Shanghai Journey

March to June, September to December is the best season of Shanghai tour. Shanghai is located in south China. It is not very cold in Winter, but very hot in Summer. All vehicles are equipped with air condition, so the season will not affect Shanghai sightseeing tour too much.

Accommodation of Shanghai Tour

Shanghai tour accommodation photoBeijingservice suggest travelers to stay a hotel in downtown Shanghai near Nanjing Road and The Bund if you are on a private FIT tour. Other popular locations of Shanghai is Huaihai Road, Shanghai train station, Xujiahui area, Caojiadu and Pudong New Area. It is very convenient for travelers to take a leisure walking near hotel.

Accommodation location is not so important for group, because tour guide and vehicle will take care all tour time from daytime to evening.

Payment of Beijing Tour

Shanghai is a big city. It takes some time for our driver to reach your hotel or airport in Shanghai before the tour. So the reservation of Shanghai tour needs a deposit. The balance can be paid before tour date or paid in cash on tour date to tour guide. Chinese cash or USD are both acceptable. The most popular payment method are all accepted such as Alipay, Wechat, Bank, Credit Card and PayPal. We accept all kinds of Credit Card, such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress... There is no handling fee when travelers pay Shanghai tour via Alipay, Wechat and Bank. Extra handling fee is needed when travelers prefer to use PayPal or Credit Card.

Frequently Asked Questions of Shanghai  Tour (FAQ)

The following questions related with Shanghai tour operating are often be asked by travelers.   Beijingservice team list part of the questions for reference when travelers plan a Shanghai tour.

Jasper, We are also trying to arrange to go to Shanghai from Beijing. Does your company have their service in Shanghai? We will be there for 3 days. Can you suggest an itinerary? We are planning to come back to Beijing on Sunday, 3rd April, to connect our homeward flight, therefore I need your reply with Shanghai tour details as soon as possible. Thank you. Anita

Good morning Anita, thank you for your email. Yes, we have very good team in Shanghai. Bullet train and flight are both available between Beijing and Shanghai. We suggest you to to use morning train or flight from Beijing to Shanghai on April 1, then take Shanghai downtown sightseeing visit the old section of Shanghai, include Yu Garden, Yu Market, Jade Buddha Temple, Old French Concession area and Xintiandi. Overnight in a 4 star hotel near the Bund. On second day, lets visit the modern sites of Shanghai include Shanghai Museum, People Square, Shanghai Planning Hall, Pudong Lujiazui New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road and The Bund. We will fly back to Beijing on April 3 on the morning to connect your departure flight. Please let us know your departure flight info, then we will send you further Shanghai trip information.

We will be in Shanghai Oct. 30 and were recommended to you by Sandy Riskin. We are taking Princess Sapphire ship and will be docked at the container in the port. My husband and I and other six peopleare interested in a private Shanghai tour with you. One of our group is an 84 year old lady who uses a wheeled walker. She can walk short distances and climb limited stairs. Can you arrange the Shanghai trip for us ? Where would you meet us since the Sapphire is too big for regular port and will be docked at the container? Babs and Jack Z.

Babs and Jack Z. Thank you for your message. We service for travelers of Princess Sapphire ship each year. For most of the time, the big ship will dock at Waigaoqiao Port, which is around 1.5 to 2 hours driving to downtown Shanghai. Our Shanghai tour guide will catch a sign with your name outside the exit of the cruise port. Our tour guide will help the lady with wheelchair when ncecessary. And we will arrange a big van you the group include wheelchair. Do you like a one day shanghai tour to complete the tour at cruise port or prefer a two days tour with one night accommodation in Shanghai ? Then we will send you further details with quotation. best regards, Tracy

Tracy, I understand you are able to arrange private tours for small groups in Shanghai. We are sailing on the Princess Diamond and will be in Shanghai November 11 from 7:00am-6:00pm. We are really interested in seeing the Jewish Ghetto, Museum, Bund, Jade Buddha, possibly the pearl market and acrobats if possible. If you are available on this date, please send me an itinerary of a private tour for a small group and which of these activities you think we could do in this time frame. I also have few other questions; Can we visit the synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto? Is it possible to include the Yu Garden in the sightseeing trip of Shanghai ? Would it be best if we pay in US dollars or CNY? Thanks,Colleen

Dear Colleen, thank you for your email. Welcome to visit Shanghai. Yes, we can arrange the Shanghai tour start from the Princess Diamond. synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto and Yu Garden are possible to be included in the Shanghai trip. We suggest you to remit a deposit and then pay cash in Shanghai to tour guide. US dollars and CNY are both acceptable. Acrobatic Show is not available because you need to be transfered back to cruise port before 17:00. Please find the detailed itinerary as below: November 11. Be met from Princess Diamond at 08:00am. Drive to Shanghai to visit Jewish Ghetto(include Jewish Ghetto), Shanghai Museum, the Bund, Jade Buddha Temple and Pearl Market. Then you will be transferred back to cruise port before 17:00 after the Shanghai tour. Please let us know if you have question. best regards, Tracy

Dear Jasper, thank you for your arrangement for our tour of Beijing and Yangtze River. After the cruise trip of Yangtze, we will stop at Shanghai for 3 days before our flight to Boston. We prefer to take a join in tour in Shanghai. What kind of vehicle to be used, how many people, is it possible to arrange vegetable lunch same as Beijing ? thank you for you help, Sarah Montague

Thank you for your email. yes, we offer Shanghai join in bus tour. The vehicle is subject to change based on number of travelers. Usually there will be 2 to 10 travelers in a van. Sometimes there is really only two travelers, just like a private tour, but the price is a coach tour. :) Yes, it is possible to arrange vegetable lunch. After the Shanghai tour, we will transfer you to PVG to connect your departure flight to Boston. Please let us know the hotel level you prefer in Shanghai, then we will send you further details. best regards, Jasper

Hello, Ni Hao, My family is visiting Shanghai on March 30-April 3. We would like to take tour of Shanghai on April 1. Can you arrange a private tour to cover Hangzhou, Suzhou and Zhouzhuang within one day ? Please send me tour details. thank you in advance. Salima Khakoo

Dear Salima Khakoo, thank you for your email. Welcome to visit Shanghai. Yes, it is possible to visit Hangzhou Suzhou and Zhouzhuang. We suggest you to visit Hangzhou one 1st day and then overnight in Hangzhou. Visit Suzhou and Zhouzhuang one 2nd day and then drive back to Shanghai to overnight in downtown Shanghai. Then we will visit Shanghai on 3rd. You will be transferred to airport for departure on April 3. Please let us know your advice, then we will work out further details. best regards Lisa.

number in China National Tourism Administration: L-BJ00767. Beijing ICP register No. 05015006