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discover Tibet and the surrounding area

  • Tibet tour lead you to discover attractions of top cities and town including Lhasa, Shigatse, Nyingchi, Namtso, Tse Dang, etc.


    Tibet tour leads you to discover the most popular tourism cities of this mysterious holy land on the roof of the earth. Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Namtso, Nyingchi, and Evrest Base Camp are all available to be included in Tibet trip.

    Tibet private tour and Tibet join in group tour are both available. Most Tibet trip start from Lhasa airport or train station.
    Tibet Entry Permission is needed before your arrival in Tibet.

Photo of Tibet Tour

  • Tibet tour photo covers image of travelers as well as the popular attractions.


  • Tibet tour refers to discovering popular tourism cities in Tibet with travel agent. Most Tibet tour package covers vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee and hotel accommodation.

    Tibet is a place with abundant tourism resources, such as natural beauty, local customs and religious culture. It attracts large number of travelers to discover Tibet area.

    Tibet tour is called '西藏旅游' in Chinese, 'Tourisme au Tibet' in French, or 'Tibet Tourismus' in German. Tibet sightseeing trip is welcomed by both local travelers as well as foreign customers. It is the best way to discover this mysterious place.

    All Tibet trips needs to be planned in advance. We suggest travelers to submit reservation or contact our Tibet tour advisor 2 to 6 month in advance.


  • Fulfill your eyes with amazing grand and unique beauty in Tibet.
  • Discovering the mysterious culture, customs and religion.
  • Get in touch with local Tibetan people.
  • Experienced and professional Tibet operating team.
  • Mature Tibet tour products praised by foreign travelers.
  • Kind and hot-hearted local tour guide and driver team.
  • No commission to other organization leads to a better Tibet tour price.
  • Convenient flights or trains in Tibet.

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    Tibet Tour Tips

    • Lhasa tour is the most popular section in Tibet trip.
    • Travelers are suggested to plan Tibet trip 2 to 6 month in advance.
    • Information for Tibet Entry Permission (TEP) should be submitted one month before tour date.
    • You are suggested to take three copies of your Tibet Entry Permission during Tibet Journey.
    • Tibet join in group tour is a good way to discover Tibet at less expensive way.
    • Scanned copy of passport is needed for TEP and tickets of Potala Palace.
    • It is not a bad idea to visit Tibet in Winter to get a better price.
    • Top Attractions

      The top attractions of Tibet is scattered in the main tourism cities:
      Lhasa : Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastry, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Norbulingka Park, Ganden Monastery, Chayeba Monastery, Ramoche Temple,
      Namtso : Namtso Lake
      Yambajan : Yambajan, Yambajan Hot-spring,
      Nyingchi : Bassoon Lake, Giant Cypress Forest, Lulang Forest, Bayi Town, Shergyla Mountain, Cypress King Gardens, Platoon Natural Barrier, Gyalha Bairi Peak, Zangbubadong Waterfall Group, Shergyla National Forest Park, Parlung Zangbo River and Nyingchi Natural Museum.
      Changdu : Ranwu Lake, Midui Glacier, Laigu Gacier, Bangda Grassland, Chayu Nature Reserve, Anjiula Mountain, Rencuo Lake, Galden Jampaling Monastery, Tricolor Lake, Lake Bhutto, Zizhu Monastery, Naidan Monastery, Leiwuqi Temple, Dongda Mountain, Weise Monastery, Trishka Hot Spring, Catholic Church of Yanjing, etc.
      Tse Dang : Tse Dang Monastery, Tradruk Monastery, Qulong Monastery, Yalong Scenic Area, Yumbulhakhang, etc.
      Yamdrok : Yamdrok Tso, Yarlung Zangbo River Water Funeral Terrace, Xia Zhulin Temple, etc.
      Shigatse : Tashilhunpo Monastery, The New Panchen Palace, Dalong Monastery, ianchu Nature Tourist Resort, Zongshan Little Potala Palace, Gongjue Linka, Baiju Monastery, Jiangzi Zongshan Castle, Santin Temple, Carola Glacier, Pala Manor, Mt.Smira, Relayongzhonglin Monastery, Shalu Monastery, Noblin Village,
      Mt.Everest : Sakya Temple, Gangqin Temple, Jipu Village, Gyatso La Pass, Rongbuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Glacier, Dokin Tso, Chomolhari Snow Mountain, Pali Prairie, Gangbala Pass, Shishapangma Peak, Geelong Ditch, Tridennema, Gema Yangzong Glacier, etc.
      Ali : Tholing Monastery, RenQing Hubutso, Tachin,Zhire Monastery, Laon Tso, Peacock River, Pulan Hanging Temple, Zanda Soil Forest, Guge Kingdom, Namuru Village, Pangong Tso, Jieshan Daban, Seng-ge Kambab etc.

      Tibet Entry Permission

      All foreign travelers in Tibet trip needs Tibet Entry Permission (TEP). The document needs to be applied from the Tibet Travel Bureau before Tibet sightseeing. Travelers are suggested to submit passport, occupation and contact info to travel agent one month in advance.

      It is necessary to show your TEP when you board flight or train to Tibet. So the document needs to be delivered to the city before Lhasa or Shigatse in your Tibet tour itinerary.
    • Classic Itinerary

      Tibet classic tour itinerary covers the most popular tourism cities and attractions. The following Tibet tour are often choose by foreign customers.

      4 days Lhasa classic tour.
      8 days Lhasa and Everest Base Camp Tour.
      7 days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour
      6 days Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Ancient City Tour
      6 days Lhasa Namtso Lake Tour
      5 days Lhasa Ganden Monastery Tour
      5 days Lhasa Samye Monastery Tour

      All these Tibet tours are available by private tour as well as join in group trip.

      Tour Type

      As you see in above classic tours, private Tibet tour and join in group Tibet tour are both available.

      Only Tibet package tours are available till now. One day tour and half day tours are not available.

      It is possible to contact our tour advisor to tailor a Tibet theme tour

    Tibet Tour Note

    • You are not suggested to visit Lhasa and Tibet at the first week of May or October.
    • Do not make yourself very tired in Tibet, you need energy to fight against altitude stress.
    • Photo is not permitted in temples of Tibet.
    • Elder travelers are not suggested to take Tibet deep tours.
    • Do not wear hat when you visit Potala Palace.

    Tibet Tour FAQ

    • Which Tibet tour routes do you suggest for first Tibet journey ?
    • If you are interested in the customs and religious culture, Lhasa 4 days tour is suggested.
      6 days Lhasa and Namtso Lake tour is suggested if you also prefer to include natural scenery in the Tibet trip.

    • Is is possible to have a la carte meal in our Tibet trip ?
    • Yes, it is possible. You may ask tour guide to recommend restaurant and you enjoy your meal by a la carte. Please contact our Tibet tour advisor if you have this request upon making reservation.

    • How about the accommodation and vehicle condition in Tibet tour ?
    • There are many hotels from 3 star comfortable hotel to 5 star deluxe hotel in Lhasa and Shigatse. Such as Shangri-La, InterContinental, Thangka Hotel and Cang-gyan Hotel in Lhasa; QoMoLangZong Hotel and Jiumuyamei International Hotel and Zangba Hotel in Shigatse.

      The accommodation in small city or towns are not very good, such as only hostels are available at Namtso and Mt.Everest Base Camp.

      The vehicle in Tibet covers 5 seats car to 50 seats coach. All our vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and in good condition.
    • Start

      Almost all Tibet tours start from Lhasa, because the flight and train are very convenient in the capital city. And most travelers reach Tibet area via Lhasa Kongga International Airport ( 拉萨贡嘎机场 ).

      Shigatse(日喀则) is another city to start Tibet journey. It is available to fly to Shigatse from Lhasa or other main tourism cities of China.


      The main place to end the Tibet tour is Lhasa. Then travelers can fly to another tourism city of China from Lhasa Kongga Airport. Shigatse is another city to complete the Tibet trip, especially after your Shigatse discovering.

      It is possible to finish your Tibet tour at the border between China and Nepal, which is called Zangmu Port(樟木口岸). Then you may be met by Mepal guide to continuous your discover trip.

      Tour Length

      The Tibet tour is available from 3 days to 21 days. The most popular Lhasa tour is 4 days long including 2 full days sightseeing in downtown Lhasa.
      Lhasa Namtso Shigatse and Mt.Everest Base Camp tour may reach more than two weeks.
      We suggest 4 to 8 days Tibet tour for most travelers to Tibet.

      Best Travel Season

      We suggest travelers to visit Tibet from May 8 to Setember 29 and October 8 to the end of the month.
      There are fewer travelers in low season. Please contact our Tibet tour advisor if you are planning a Tibet Journey in Winter.

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