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Profile of Beijing Family Tour

Beijing family tour photoBeijing family tour refers to sightseeing trip or vacation to Beijing with family members. In Chinese, the tour is called '北京家庭旅游' or '北京家庭之旅'. 
Many travelers come to Beijing with kids or parents.
Kids needs interesting places; elders can not walk fast, so the itinerary for family should be interesting and not tight.

Beijingservice selected attractions in Beijing and designed Beijing family tour routes to cater to this need. Almost all families prefer to have private space; Beijingservice provides private vehicle, driver and tour guide for family trip. Beijing family tour is the best choice when you enjoy vacation or holiday with family members in Beijing.

Beijing Family Tour Type

Beijingservice provides the following tour types for family travelers:
Beijing package tour for family
Beijing family one day tour
Half day Beijing family tour
Beijing layover family tour

Beijing Family Tour Products

Beijing Family Package Tour

The following package tour is designed for family travelers.  The package covers airport transfer, vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal and accommodation.  The itinerary can be tailored according to members of family when necessary.

family tour photo in BeijingBJ-PH-01F. Beijing 4 days package tour for family vacation
BJ-PH-02F. Beijing 5 days classic family package tour
BJ-PH-03F. Beijing 5 days family package trip
BJ-PH-04F. Beijing 6 days package tour include Mutianyu Great Wall
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Beijing One Day Family Tour

1 day Beijing family tour is flexible and easy to be booked. The one day family trip covers vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, lunch, parking and fuel.

BJ-PO-01F. Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Hutong 1 day family tour ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-02F. Beijing one day family tour to Mutianyu Great Wall and China Aviation museum ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-03F. 1 day family tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Capital Museum and Summer Palace ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-04F. Beijing family day trip covers Zoo (Panda), Beijing Aquarium and Beijing Hutong ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-05F. Beijing family day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-06F. Beijing family day tour of Summer Palace, Hutong and Local family visit ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-07F. 1 family tour of Zoo(Panda), Capital Museum, Hutong ( , Lunch, )
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Beijing Family Tour Tips

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Family Tour

family friendly attraction - China Aviation MuseumThe following family trip itinerary in Beijing is designed based on experience of previous family travelers.
This itinerary can be adjusted based on request

Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutong include rickshaw, Outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Lunch, China Aviation Museum, Acrobatic Show. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Popular Attractions for Family Vacation in Beijing

The following attractions is favored by most family travelers, because it is not very hard when you travel with child or parents. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutong, Olympic Park, Mutianyu Great Wall, China National Museum, Beijing Capital Museum, China Aviation Museum, China Garden Museum, China Film Museum, Confucius Temple, Beijing Zoo, visiting to a local family of Beijing, 798 Art Zone,

Feature of Beijing Family Tour

Most Family tour itinerary is loose and relaxed, because most family members prefer to have a leisure tour. Beijing family tour covers easy level attractions in the itinerary. Part of clients of Family tour prefer to have a female tour guide, especially when there is child in the trip. Family tour clients prefer to have a private tour to include a private vehicle, driver and tour guide. Beijing private package tour is favored by family travelers to include airport transfer and sightseeing in the ancient and new city. Accommodation in downtown of Beijing is suggested. Beijingservice use good one in each level, so a 3 star is safe decent and clean. 4 or 5 star hotel is suggested if you prefer deluxe hotel.

Best Season to Take Family Excursion to Beijing

For most travelers, Autumn and Spring are the best season to visit Beijing. It is not so hot or cold in these periods. And travelers may find flower in Spring and red leaves in Autumn. Beijingservice designed Beijing Spring tour and Beijing Autumn tour for different request of clients.

Great Wall tour photoSummer trip is suggested if you prefer to enjoy evening activity. You may find a green Beijing in Summer. It is available to spend 2 hours leisure time in swimming pool of Olympic Stadium. See more details of Beijing Summer tour.

In Winter, family travelers have chance to enjoy Skiing or Hot-spring. It is available for child to touch snow. If you don't mind the low temperature, Winter is also a good season for travel ling. See more formation of Beijing Winter trip.

Beijing Family Tour FAQ

How long time in advance shall we plan a trip to Beijing ?
Beijingservice suggest you to contact our tour advisor at least one month before tour date. This is helpful to make a pleasant and successful trip to Beijijng. For sure, part of travelers arrange the trip to Beijing one week in advance, but this make the family trip planning a little tight.

Hi, I'll be traveling to Beijing with my family next June. I looked at your family tour on website, i think i need a trip like this: 6/6 Transfer for 6 person (private van) from Beijing airport to HuangFuJing hotel. 6/7 Van and a English speaking tour guide for the day. Need to go to Great Wall and Ming's toom. 6/8 Only tour guide for Forbiden City half day. 6/9 Van from hotel to Beijing airport for my family. my question, is it possible to arrange lunch on our own ? what kind of vehicle we have? i need a private vehicle for my family. we only need English speaking tour guide - Full day on the 7th and half day on the 8th. is this possible? Looking forward to hear from you soon. Regards, Connie
Dear Connie, Thank you for your email. Yes, you may arrange lunch your own, we will make a new quotation to exclude lunch. We will arrange a 9 to 15 seats vehicle, such as Benze MB100 van or Datong Van. Yes, it is possible to arrange English speaking tour guide only for June 8 full day and half day on June 8. As for hotel, i think you are meaning Wangfujing Hotel. Do you need us to arrange room for your family. Please let us know how many rooms do you need and room type. We will send you further details after receiving the information. best regards, Tansy

Beijing family travelersDear Jasper, thank you for the suggestion on the family vacation to Beijing. We appreciate it very much. Can you arrange a connecting room for us? Maria need to take care of child in the evening. I think at least we need two adjacent rooms, i mean next to each other.
Is this possible ? We prefer to have a female tour guide.

Dear Brian, thank you for the email. Yes, we will contact hotel to arrange connecting room for you. There is a door between two room, which is convenient for you to take care of child.
There is only several connecting rooms in this hotel, please make reservation as early as possible.
Ok, we will try to arrange a female tour guide for you.
best regards,

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