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Beijing Hutong Tour  |  Beijing Trip Include Hutong

Profile of Beijing Hutong Tour

Beijing HutongBeijing Hutong tour refers to sightseeing to Beijing Hutong, which is small alley of old section of Beijing. Travelers may visit Hutong by walking, biking or even try the man-powered rickshaw in the small lanes.
Beijing Hutong tour is called '北京胡同旅游' or '北京胡同游'.

Beijing Hutong tour is getting popular in travelers. Walking or biking in the alley or small lanes give you the feeling of crossing back to old Beijing. Step on the Drum or Bell tower, you will have a bird view of the old section of Beijing city . Houhai area is closed to Hutong, it is a place to take a short leisure tour or spend your time in the evening.

Beijing Hutong Tour Type

Beijing Hutong Tour Type
Beijing package tour include Hutong
Beijing Hutong one day tour
Beijing half day Hutong tour
Beijing join in bus tour include Hutong
Beijing Hutong layover tour
Beijing Hutong evening tour
Unique designed Beijing Hutong tour
Learning trip in Beijing Hutong

Beijing Hutong Tour Products

Beijing Hutong PhotoBeijing Hutong is one of the must visit places, but it is not included all tour routes in Beijing. Beijingservice team designed the follow products for your choice.

Beijing Package Tour Include Visiting of Hutong

Most Beijing classic package tour covers a visit to Beijing Hutong area. Beijingservice designed some unique tours, which also include sightseeing of Beijing Hutong.

Classic Beijing Package Tour Include Hutong

Beijing classic package tour covers most top attractions of Beijing.  Beijing Hutong is on of the must places in Beijing.
BJ-PH-01. 4 days Classic Beijing private tour
BJ-PH-02. Beijing 5 Days Private Tour
BJ-PH-03. Beijing Six Days Private Tour
BJ-PH-04. Beijing Seven Days Private Tour
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Xingang Beijing Tour Include Hutong

Beijing tour start from Xingang Port covers both package tour and one day tour. 
BJ-PH-01xingang. Beijing 4 days typical package private tour end in Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07E. Beijing Hutong and Temple of Heaven 1 day private tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07K. Beijing Hutong and Lama Temple one day tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07S. Temple of Heaven, Wangfujing Street and Beijing Hutong 1 day tour from Xingang Port
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Beijing Kids Tour Include Hutong

Beijing Kids tour is designed for travelers with Child.  Part of Kids tour include a visiting of Beijing Hutong.
BJ-PH-01Kids. Beijing Private Package Tour for Kids to see Beijing Aquarium and Paleozoological Museum
BJ-PH-03Kids. Beijing Kids Package Tour to Visit Wax Gaddery, Railway Museum and Botanical Garden
BJ-PO-03kids. Summer Palace, Paleozoological Museum and Beijing Hutong 1 day private kids tour
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Beijing Culture Tour Include Hutong

Beijing Hutong is abundant with local culture.  This is a must place when travelers needs to take a Beijing Culture related tour.
BJ-PH-01Culture. Beijing 4 days culture package tour
BJ-PH-02Culture. Beijing 5 days culture package tour
BJ-PH-03Culture. Beijing 6 days culture package tour
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Beijign Leisure Tour Include Hutong

Beijing Hutong is one of the attractions of Beijing leisure tour.  Travelers may just take a rickshaw riding and leisure walking in Beijing Hutong area.
BJ-PH-02leisure. 6 days Beijing Leisure Package
BJ-PH-03leisure. 6 days Beijing Leisure Package with free days
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Beijign Muslim Tour Include Hutong Trip

Hutong is one of the attractions of Beijing Muslim tour.
BJ-PH-00Muslim. 4 days Muslim private trip to Beijing include Muslim Meal
BJ-PH-01Muslim. 4 days Muslim private trip to Beijing
BJ-PH-02Muslim. private 5 days Muslim trip to Beijing
BJ-PH-03Muslim. 6 days Muslim trip to Beijing
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Beijing One Day Tour Include Hutong

Beijing Hutong is one of the important attractions in downtown Beijing. Many Beijing one day tour routes covers a visiting to the Hutong area.
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park, Hutong and Lama Temple one day private trip of Beijing
BJ-PO-04-D. Beijing one day private tour of Hutong, Confucius Temple, Zoo, Tea, Tiananmen Square
BJ-PO-11-C. Jingshan Park, Beihai Park and Beijing Hutong private walking one day tour
BJ-PNO-2. Tiananmen, Forbidden City, National theatre and Beijing Hutong 1 day no shopping tour
BJ-PNO-4. Beijing 1 day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Hutong, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-35a. Beijing one day private tour of Badaling Great Wall and Beijing Hutong
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Beijing Half Day Tour Include Hutong

This half day tour only covers one attraction - Hutong. The sightseeing time is 40 to 60 minutes based on different activity in Beijing Hutong.
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
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Beijing Join In Bus Tour Include Hutong Visiting

Join in Group tour include Beijing Hutong is available. Packaged Join in Group tour and one day join in group tour are both available.
BJ-ST-03. Hutong, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo one day join in bus tour
BJ-ST-05. Beijing join in bus tour of Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Zoo and Olympic Park
BJ-ST5-01. Beijing 5 days join-in bus tour
BJ-ST4-03. Beijing 4 days bus tour package
BJ-ST3-01. Beijing 3 days join in coach tour package
BJ-ST2-01. Beijing 2 days seat in coach package tour
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Beijing Layover Tour Include Hutong

Beijing Layover tour include Hutong experience is available in both package tour and one day tour.
BJ-PH-03layover. 3 Days Beijing private layover trip include double way airport transfer
BJ-PH-04layover. 3 Days Beijing private layover trip include double way airport transfer
BJ-PL-20. Beijing layover 1 day tour of Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Olympic Park and Lama Temple
BJ-PL-29. Nanluoguxiang Hutong and Sanlitun one day layover tour in Beijing ( 6-7 hours )
BJ-PL-09. Beijing Hutong half day layover tour
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Beijing Hutong Tour Tips

Classic Beijing Hutong Tour Itinerary

Beijing Hutong PhotoBeijing Hutong Half Day Private Tour Itinerary Private vehicle will pick you up from hotel at 09:00 or 14:00 and then transfer to Hutong area.
Be met by Hutong guide and rickshaw driver. Spend 40 to 60 minutes to visit small lanes, local building in Hutong area by rickshaw.
Bell Tower, Drum Tower, local family or lunch are options available in Hutong. After the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Accommodation Beijing Hutong Excursion

Most travelers prefer to stay in a standard modern hotel in downtown Beijing. Part of travelers love the hotel in Hutong area. Travelers may feel the courtyard culture of old Beijing. Beijingservice team often arrange hotel in Hutong area.
Yong Yard Hotel, Zhuyuan Garden Hotel and Houhai Yijing Hotel are suggested. The Hutong hotel is not suggested if you travel with a big group, because the big tour coach can not enter the alley or small lanes in downtown Beijing.

Meal in Beijing Hutong Excursion

There are local restaurant in Hutong area. They provide local Beijing dish or Sichuan cuisine. Travelers also may choose to eat in the courtyard you visited. The food can not compare with the tourism restaurant or local restaurant, but it is an experience to know more details of the old city.

Tour guide of Beijing Hutong Trip

We will use only the Hutong tour guide if you take the Hutong half day tour. Driver will transfer you between hotel and Hutong. A private tour guide will be arranged if you take Beijing private one day tour or package tour. Your private tour guide will guide you i other attractions. And you will be guided by Hutong tour guide. Private guide will wait you in the parking lot.

Tips to Tour Guide In Beijing Hutong Area

Beijing Hutong PhotoSmall tips around 1 to 5 USD is necessary to the guide and rickshaw driver of Hutong.

Attractions CanBe Included In Hutong Tour

The following places are not far from Hutong, and can be included in the sightseeing of Beijing Hutong: Drum Tower, Bell Tower, Beihai Park, Houhai area, Confucius Temple, Jingshan Park, Lama Temple, Princess Gongs' Palace, Former residence of Songqingling, Shichahai Park,

Traffic in Hutong Area

There are many people and vehicles in Hutong area, so the traffic condition is not good in Hutong. Please leave more time if you need to catch train or flight after the excursiong of Hutong.

Activity Available in Beijing Hutong Tour

There are many local culture related activity in Beijing Hutong. Travelers may join in the activity or take short class while you take sightseeing to Hutong area of Beijing.

The activities covers: Beijing Opera Face Painting tour, Study Chinese Knots tour, Chinese Dough Figurine tour, Chinese Language Study tour, Making Chinese Kite trip, Chinese Handwriting learning tour, Beijing Hutong include Study Chinese Kongfu, Chinese Paper Cutting trip, Shadow Play tour in Beijing and Chinese Traditional Painting trip.

The riding of rickshaw is included in Hutong tour package.
Other activity or study needs to be reserved in advance when travelers make reservation of Hutong trip.
There are still some other activities, such as cricket fighting, Mahjong leaning, Diabolo, clay figure and biking.

Beijing Hutong Tour FAQ

What is included in private Hutong tour?

Beijing Hutong PhotoWalking in Hutong area, riding the man-powered rickshaw, visiting a local courtyard. Part of travelers take optional tour to board the Drum or Bell Tower. Houhai Area is not included in Hutong tour, but it is very closed to Hutong. Travelers may request tour advisor to include it when book the Hutong trip.

How to reach Hutong area ?

Hutong is located in downtown Beijing. Part of hotels is just located in the Hutong area or very closed to it. Our private vehicle and guide will pick you up from hotel and transfer to Hutong if you booked a tour with us.

If you plan to visit Hutong on your own, then you may walk to the Hutong area, and you may discover interesting local things on the way there. We suggest private car or subway if your hotel is out of downtown area.

Is this possible to visit Hutong in the evening ?

Yes, it is possible to visit Hutong at night. But this is not suggested because the sightseeing can not compare with daytime experience. And part of places is not open in the evening, such as Drum Tower, Bell Tower and Courtyard.

Dear Jasper, Thank you for arranging our trip to Beijing. As we know, the small lanes are available in several sections in Beijing. Can you let me know which part of Hutong shall we visit in October trip ? And we are interested to visit a local courtyard, can you arrange this for us?
Beijing HutongWe will take bullet trin to Xian on October 22. Do you arrange train tickets, what information do you need fro our side. Thank you in advance, kind regards, Jacquelyn

Dear Jacquelyn, thank you for your reply. Yes, there are several areas include small lanes, the best part of it is Bell Tower and Drum Tower area. And the is the place we will visit in October. This are is also not far from Beihai Park and Houhai area. Ok, we will arrange a visiting to local courtyard in Beijing Hutong. Yes, we can arrange the bullet train to Xian. Please send us your scanned copy of passport if you need us to buy the train tickets. best regards, Jasper