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Beijing One Day Tour

Visit Beijing within 1 day

  • Private, join in and theme one day tour in Beijing or one day tour start from Beijing are presented. Vehicle,driver,guide,meal and admission fee are included.


    Beijing one day tour refers to travelling Beijing within one day, or Beijing tour scheduled within 8 to 9 hours in 1 day. This kind of one day excursion in Beijing is called '北京一日游' or '北京一天旅游行程' in Chinese, which is a convenient product for travelers in Beijing.

    Some travelers come to Beijing mainly for investigation, conference, exhibition or other business issue. Sightseeing day trip in Beijing is the best choice because of the convenience. Private and join in group day tour are both available.

    Besides popular one day tours, Beijingserivce team offers unique designed Beijing one day trip based on different theme.

Photo of Beijing One Day Tour

  • The photo of Beijing one day tours shows the popular attractions of Beijing one day tour. Vehicle, driver, guide and restaurant are also available in the photo.


    Because of the convenience and less-expensive price, Beijing one day tour is favored by many travelers.
    Compared with multi-cities China tour, Beijing one day tour is easy to operate for travel agent, because most one day tour only covers vehicle, driver, guide, admission and lunch. So many new and small or internet company mainly operate one day tour of Beijing.

    Normal Itinerary of Beijing One Day Tour

    Be met from hotel lobby of a hotel in downtown Beijing. Drive to attractions to take morning tour.
    Lunch will be arranged at around 12:00 to 13:00.
    After lunch, drive to attractions to take afternoon sightseeing.
    Be transferred back to your hotel after the tour. Beijing one day tour service end.


  • Abundant experience in operating one day tour based on over 15 years experience,
  • Professional Bilingual tour guide with university or college education level,
  • No comission to third party, every penny spent on travelers,
  • Lowest price in same service quality,
  • Experienced driver help you to make full use of every minute in the day trip,
  • Lunch is arranged along the way to attractions, no time wasted,
  • Pick up travelers from lobby of any hotel within 5th ring road, and you will be transferred back to the same hotel after the day tour,
  • No hidden cost, no tricks, secure you a pleasant day trip,

Map of Beijing One Day Tour

  • This map show you the visiting sequence of a normal Beijing day tour :This map show you the visiting sequence of a normal Beijing day tour :
    - Being met from your hotel at 09:00.
    - Morning visit 1 or 2 attractions.
    - Drive to local restaurant for lunch.
    - Afternoon visit 1 or 2 attractions.
    - Be transferred back to your hotel.
    Service end.
    See more details of Beijing One Day Tour Map
  • Beijing One Day Tour map

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    Beijing One Day Tour Tips

    • Early booking is helpful to get a better price, late booking leads to higher cost or even no tour guide advailable,
    • Driver and guide will suggest you to departure early when driver estimate there is a traffic jam on the way to attraction,
    • Beijing 1 day tour starts from your hotel in downtown Beijing ( within 5th ring road ), please contact us if you are not sure your hotel location.
    • Please infom us upon making reservation if you need vegetable food,
    • Hotel card (include name address and tel) is suggested to be taken when you take a walk on your own before or after the day tour,
    • Part attractions' tickets needs to be reserved in advance, your scanned copy of passport is needed, we will arrange the tickets to save your time in line.
    • Difference Between Private One Day Tour and One Day Join In Group Tour Beijing Private Day Tour :
      Beijing private one day tour covers private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
      Eat on separate table in nice local restaurant.
      It is possible to talk about visiting speed during the one day sightseeing of Beijing.

      Beijing Join In Group Day Tour :
      Some travelers call Beijing one day group tour as one day bus tour, join in tour or seat in coach tour.
      Travelers share tour coach and tour guide with other English speaking tour guide. Most group tour covers shopping stops.
      The price of private one day tour is higher than Beijing one day bus tour.
      Beijing one day private tour is suggested if you think private tour price is acceptable.
    • Beijing One Day Tour Arrangement A normal Beijing one day sightseeing tour covers 1 to 4 attractions based on attraction's area as well as their distance to your hotel.
      If you take a private day tour of Bejing, we can departure at 08:30 from hotel and end in hotel at around 17:00-17:30; there is 8 to 9 hours for transfer and sightseeing. We can visit 1 to 2 attractions on the morning or in the afternoon. Only one attraction is included if the attraction is very far from Beijing, such as one day tour to Jinshanling Great Wall.
      Join in group day tour pick up travelers from different hotels in downtown Beijing, normal pick up time is 06:40am to 07:10am. The driver and guide is trying to avoid traffic jam.
    • Top Attractions of Beijing One Day Tour Routes The following attractions are recommended when you take one day trip of Beijing:
      North Suburb : Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Sacred Way, Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall.
      Downtown : Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, National Museum, Capital Museum, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Beihai Park, Houhai Area, Qianmen Area,

      Most travelers will visit Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City on their first trip to Beijing.
      Please contact our tour advisor if you already visited above attractions in the past. Beiingservice team selected unique attraction for your reference.
    • Best Season to Take Beiijng One Day Trip Autumn and Spring are recommended if you prefer to spend a holiday in Beijing because the weather make travelers comfortable. But if you take one day visiting in Beijing, the season or weather does not affect you so much because the sightseeing time is limited within 8-9 hours.
      Especially when it is snow or rain, which lead to an amazing experience on the Great Wall or in the downtown attractions.
    • Vehicle Used for One Day Trip In Beijing 4 seats car, 9 seats van, 22 seats mini-bus and 45 seat tour coach are available for a one day journey of Beijing. Beijing vehicle for one day tourThe vehicle pick you up from hotel on the morning, drive you to parking lot of attractions, and then transfer you back to hotel at then end of the day.

      oh yes, vehicle is not permitted to enter most deep hutongs, and vehicle is very easy to be blocked in hutong and waste your precious sightseeing time. So please walk out hutong to a hotel or a place on main road if you choose a hotel deep in hutong.

      The photo on the right side is a 9 seats van and friendly driver of our company.

    Beijing One Day Tour Note

    • Avoid to use car (except taxi) or guide near train station or airport,
    • Do not join in cheap day tour near subway or bus station, or even in a hotel lobby,
    • Most Beijing one day tours do not include evening activities,
    • Please make reservation at least one day in advance,
    • Non-English (for examaple Germany, French or Spanish ) speaking day tour price is different and it needs to be reserved at least 4 weeks in advance,
    • Beijing one day tour is limited within 8 hours, it is ok to reach 9 hours; Extra cost is needed if you prefer the day trip takes more time.
    • Please send us your flight number if you need to catch a flight after the day trip,
    • It is possible to end the day tour at a restaurant or theater in downtown, please provide name and address,

    Beijing One Day Tour FAQ

    • How to visit Beijing within one day ?
    • Amswer : If you only have one or two days time for sightseeing in Beijing, a private or join in tour is suggested, which can make full use of your time. Beijing private 1 day tour and join in 1 day tour are both available.
      Top attractions are suggested for your first trip of Beijing, such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Great Wall.
      If you are regular travelers of Beijing, please find unique designed one day tour or day tour product based on different theme on this page.
    • What time shall we be met ?
    • Amswer : The normal pick up time is 08:30am. Our tour guide will call you or leave you a message to reconfirm this or give you a new time based on the traffic condition.
    • Where to find the tour guide and driver on the morning of a day trip ?
    • Amswer : Our tour guide will catch a paper with your name in hotel lobby at appointed time.
      Please follow the advice of tour guide if your hotel is deep in hutong or out of pick up range; you will be contacted in the evening before tour date
    • Shall we eat with driver and guide ?
    • Amswer : Driver and guide eat their own lunch at separate place.
    • Tour Guide for Day Tours of Beijing Most English speaking tour guides of Beijing graduated from college or university, majored in tourism or English. But interview and training is still a must thing when choose a guide as part of our team.
      Questionair after the day tour is helpful to know how the guides worked during the one day sightseeing, and it is useful to keep the service quality.
      During peak season, English speaking tour guide engaged out even several days before day tour date; early reservation is suggested.
    • Restaurant and Meal in Day Trip Beijing Most Beijing one day tour include simple lunch on the way to next attraction. Tourist restaurant and local restaurant are both available for popular day tours of Beijing .
      Tourist restaurant is the best choice because of its' location, dining environment, serving speed, adjusted flavor based on foreign travelers' request.
      serving speed is key factor for one day sightseeing trip. A correct choice leave travelers more time for sightseeing.
      Local restaurant is a good choice when travelers prefer to touch local dishes or local dinning custom, although it is possible to wait in line in a crowded hall.

      Most join in group one day tours use tourist restaurant; while it is possible to talk about restaurant choice with tour guide when you take a private day tour.
      After the day tour sightseeing, it is possible to ask driver to drop you off near dinner restaurant in downtown Beijing.
    • Accommodation Suggestion for Day Trip of Beijing Beijing one day tour does not cover hotel accommodation.
      Please choose downtown hotel within south 2nd ring road, north 4th, east 3rd and west 3rd ring road when you reserve a join in group one day tour. Exceeding this range leads to possible extra transfer cost.
      Hotel within 5th ring road is suggested when you take a private day tour in Beijing.
      Please try to avoid a hotel deep in Hutong, because vehicle is not permitted to enter.
    • Breakfast Skill for Beijing Day Trip There is enough time for breakfast if you take a private one day tour. We can star the day tour at 08:30 am or 09:00am.
      Beijing join in day tour start early, 06:40 -07:10am, which leaves very limited time or even no time for breakfast. We suggest you to ask your hotel to prepare boxed breakfast, which can be used on tour coach.

      See more Beijing one day tour tips
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