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Beijing Evening Tours  | Beijing Evening Trip of Dinner Performance and Sightseeing


Map of Beijing Evening TourBeijing is a city never lack of evening activity.Beijing evening tour lead you to enjoy local dinner, show you the evening performance as well as visiting attractions in the evening.    
Beijing evening tour is called '北京晚间旅游' or '北京夜间旅游线路' in Chinese.
Beijing private evening tour and Beijing join in group evening tour are both available.

Travelers may find a Beijing evening tour skatch map on the right side of this page.   The pick up time and visiting squence is included.

Profile of Beijing Evening Tour

Departure: daily
Duration: 3-4 hours
Level: easy
Language: English
Map of Beijing Evening TourStart time: 17:00 to 18:00
End time: 20:30 to 21:00
Start place and end place: Hotel in downtown Beijing
Type: private or group tour are both available

Beijingservice offers transfer, tour guide and admission fee for this evening trip. Part of evening tour include dinner in local restaurant.

Types of Beijing Evening Tour

- Beijing Great Wall evening tour
- Private evening performance tour
- private evening tour include dinner and performance
- Beijing private evening sightseeing, visit attractions of Beijing
- Beijing group evening tour / Beijing Evening bus tour

- Beijing Skiing evening tour
- Beijing hotspring evening tour
- Beijing evening tour for shopping
- Beijing walking evening tour

Beijing Evening Tour of Dinner and Performance

Beijing Opera Show of Beijing Evening TourThis kind of evening tour combine famous local dinner with popular evening show of Beijing.

BJ-PE-01. Evening tour of Beijing Roast Duck Dinner and Acrobatic Show
BJ-PE-02. Beijing Roast Duck Dinner and Beijing Opera evening trip
BJ-PE-03. Beijing evening excursion of Roast Duck Dinner and Kongfu Show
BJ-PE-04. Beijing Laoshe Tea House for dinner and show at night

Beijing Evening Tour For Dinner

Be met form hotel.  Drive to enjoy local dinner.
Be transferred back to hotel after dinner.
BJ-PE-05. Imperial Cuisine Tour

Beijing Sightseeing Evening Trip

Have an unique experience to take sightseeing at the night of Beijing.
BJ-PE-06. Bird Nest and Water Cube, Tiananmen Square, Drive pass Changan Avenue, CBD area, Shimaotianjie
BJ-PE-07. Wangfujing Street, CCTV Tower
BJ-PE-08. Qianmen Area, Grand Theatre, Corner Tower of Forbidden City
BJ-PE-09. Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Sanlitun Area,
BJ-PE-10. Jingshan Park, Houhai Lake / Shichahai Area (including bar street)

Group Evening Tour / Bus Tour At Night

Join in a group tour to enjoy popular evening show of Beijing:
BJ-ST-17. Beijing join in evening tour of Acrobatic Show
BJ-ST-18. Beijing join in evening tour of Beijing Opera
BJ-ST-19. Beijing join in evening tour of Kongfu Show

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Beijing Evening Tour from Airport

The evening tour start from and end in Beijing airport is also called Beijing layover evening tour.
BJ-PL-21. Beijing evening tour of Roast Duck Dinner and Acrobatic Show ( 5-6 hours )
BJ-PL-22. Evening trip of Beijing Opera show from airport (4-5 hours )
BJ-PL-23. Beijing evening tour of Kongfu Show from airport (4-5 hours )
BJ-PL-25. Imperial Cuisine Evening tour start from Beijing airport (4-5 hours )
BJ-PL-26. Evening tour of Bird Nest and Water Cube, Tiananmen, Changan Avenue, CBD (6-7 hours)
BJ-PL-27. Beijing evening layover tour of Wangfujing Street, CCTV Tower ( 5-6 hours )
BJ-PL-28. Beijing evening trip of Qianmen , Grand Theatre, Corner Tower ( 5-6 hours )
BJ-PL-29. Nanluoguxiang, Hutong and Sanlitun layover tour in Beijing, ( 6-7 hours )
BJ-PL-30. Beijing layover tour of Jingshan Park, Houhai Lake / Shichahai Area ( 6-7 hours )
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Unique Designed Beijing Evening Tour

Beijing Woman Evening Tour

BJ-PE-01Woman. Houhai area and Wangfujing Street evening tour designed for female travelers
BJ-PE-02Woman. Bird Nest, Water Cube and Sanlitun Area evening tour
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Great Wall Evening Tour

BJ-PE-11. Badaling Great Wall evening tour
BJ-PE-12. Mutianyu Great Wall tour during daytime and Badaling Great Wall tour in the evening.
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Beijing Evening Culture Tour

BJ-PE-01culture. Beijing Opera culture evening private tour
BJ-PE-02culture. Beijing Cross Talk culture evening private tour
BJ-PE-03culture. Beijing private local bookstore evening trip
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Beijing Evening Tour Include Hotspring

Beijing evening tour include hotspring covers double way transfer between hotel and hotspring resort as well as two hours Hotspring time.

BJ-PE-01hotspring. Beijing Hotspring evening tour
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Beijing Evening Tour FAQ

Beijing evening tour pic Who need the evening tours in Beijing ?

Business travelers only have time after the job during daytime. Then the evening tour is the best choice. Part of package Beijing tour only include one evening activity, and part of package tour do not include evening tour, the travelers need the evening arrangement in Beijing. Visit Beijing attractions of Beijing in the evenings are unique products designed by Beijingservice team. And most travelers love this products. Beijingservice team offers evening tour products for business travelers, organized tour travelers as well as any travelers interested in evening sightseeing in this city.

Beijing evening tour pic What is the itinerary of Beijing evening tour like ?

Vehicle photo of Beijing evening tripBy picked up by our tour guide at around 17:00 to 17:30 from your hotel. Drive to restaurant if your tour include dinner ( 40 to 60 minutes to have dinner ). Drive to theater to enjoy performance or drive to attractions to take sightseeing. After the evening tour, travelers will be transferred back to hotel at around 20:30 to 21:30.

Beijing evening tour pic What kind of Performance can be arranged in Beijing evening tour ?

Beijingservice can arrange all kinds of performance and Dinner. Part of performance are not available daily. So we only include performance available daily as below: - Beijing Opera performance - Beijing Acrobatic show - Chinese Kongfu Performance Please contact us if travelers need other performance, then we will contact theater to check the availability.

Beijing evening tour pic Which kind Dinner can be included ?

Most travelers will use Beijing Roast Duck Dinner, or Imperial Cuisine. Beijing also can arrange dinner in normal local restaurant, high end local restaurant, buffet dinner, western style dinner, Indian dinner and vegetable dinner.

Beijing evening tour pic Top performance and attractions for Beijing evening tour

Performance: Beijing Opera, Kongfu Show, Acrobatic Show
Attraction: Bird Nest and Water Cube, Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street, CCTV Tower, Beijing Hutong, Corner Tower of Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Houhai area.

Beijing evening tour pic Can you drop us off at a bar near Houhai area after Beijing evening trip ?

Yes, we can arrange the evening tour in this way. We will start and operate the tour as a normal evening tour. After the tour, you will be transferred to Houhai Area, where you may find a bar to enjoy your leisure time. You may take a taxi back to your hotel after the time in Bar. Please take the card of your hotel before the evening tour, which is helpful to take taxi.

Beijing evening tour pic Can we take an evening tour to Great Wall ?

Beijing evening tour to Great Wall is available in this way: After visiting of other attraction, you will be transferred to Great Wall around 16:00. Then you have around 2 to 3 hours time on Great Wall. Travelers may take photo of Great Wall in sunset during this period. Then we will drive back to hotel in downtown Beijing.

Beijing evening tour pic Beijing evening tour notes

Chinese Kongfu Show Picture for Beijing Evening Tour-Beijingservice team will send you the name and mobile phone to you one day before tour date.
- Our tour guide will get in touch with you via phone or message (to your hotel room) in the evening before tour date.

Beijing evening tour pic Which is the best season for Beijing evening tour?

Summer, early Autumn and late Spring is the best season to take evening trip in Beijing. It is cold in the evening of winter.

Beijing evening tour pic  Map of Beijing Evening Tour ?

Big Map of Beijing Evening Tour

Beijing evening tour pic Can we do evening tour without tour guide?

Tour guide is needed for Beijing evening tour. Theater will not give tickets to travelers although we reserve it in advance. And it is not easy for travelers to find the location of vehicle after sightseeing in the evening. Tour guide is useful and must for Beijing evening trip.