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Recommended Xian Tour

Profile of Xian recommended tour

Recommended Xian tour refers to the Xian tour products often used and recommended by travelers in the past few years.  The tour products recommended is different for different travelers. Beijingservice team designed and recommend part of Xian tours based on experience.The recommended Xian tour is available for experienced travelers to Xian or for the new travelers to this city.

Tour type recommended in Xian

recommended Xian tour photo- Xian recommended  classic package tour
- Classic Xian one day tour recommended
- Xian recommneded evening tour
- Recommneded half day Xian trip
- Xian recommneded layover tour
- Xian recommneded join in bus trip
- Recommended Beijing Xian 1 day tour

Recommended Xian classic tour products

Recommended Xian package tour

Most travelers are on their first trip to Xian. Beijingservice will suggest classic package tour for them. The classic Xian package tour covers the top attractions of Xian, to show all popular places of this city. recommended Xian package tour photoClassic Xian package tour covers from 2 days Xian tour to 6 days package Xian trip. Most travelers takes 3 days Xian classic Terracotta Warriors private tour .
2 days private Xian package tour and 4 days Xian typical package tour are also available.
If travelers are interested in Mt.Hua, then you may choose a Xian Terracotta Warriors and Mt.Hua 4 days private package tour.

Recommended Xian 1 day tour

If travelers only have one day in Xian, Xian one day private tour is the best choice. Within this one day time, travelers should not miss the Terracotta Warriiors, Xian Ancient Wall, Shannxi History Museum Travelers may take one of the following two private tours:
Xian 1 day tour of Terracotta Warriors and Xian Ancient City Wall and  Xian 1 day tour of Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda & Great Mosque

Xian is famous for the imperial tombs from Tang Dynasty, the Xian 1 day private tour to visit Maoling Mausoleum,Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Monastery help travelers to discover tombs near Xian.

Mountain Hus is loved by travelers. Xian 1 day tour of Mountain Hua is also a good choice start from your hotel in downtown Xian.

Recommended Xian evening tour

recommended Xian evening tour photoXian Tang Dynasty dinner and show is well know in local and foreign travelers. It is the first Choice when travelers prefer to enjoy an evening performance. Xian evening tour of Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show offers diner in combination style of Chinese and western as well as the Tang Dynasty performance.    Xian evening trip of Dumpling Dinner and Tang Dynasty Show offers a kind of local food named Chinese Dumpling before perfornace. 
Both above 2 tours offers the Tang dynasty performance as well as the local flavor in the evening of Xian. If you already enjoyed the Tang Dynasty show, then the evening sightseeing trip to Tang paradise is recommended.
Take a walking and shopping leisure evening trip to Sleepless Tang Dynasty is another option in the evening of Xian.
Xian evening tour is possible to be started and end in Xian airport. The Xian evening layover tour to enjoy Tang Dynasty show or evening layover tour to visit Muslim Street & Drum Tower Square are possible if you have more than 5 hours in airport.
See more details of Xian evening trip.

Recommended Xian half day tour

Many travelers go to Xian on business trip, Xian half day tour of Terra Cotta Warriors was often used by travelers to see one of the great wonders of the world.  Xian half day city tour or half day tour of ShannXi History Museum are also recommended when travelers needs to visit downtown Xian within half day.   The time spend is around 3 to 4 hours for each half day.  See more details of half day tour in Xian.

Recommended Xian layover tour

recommended Xian layover tourMany travelers change flight in Xian, they have few hours before the departure time of next flight. Terracotta Warriors layover tour is the first choice start from Xian Xianyang Airport.   The layover tour only takes around 5 hours start from and end in airport.   We suggest Terracotta Warriors and Xian Ancient City Wall if they have one day tour in Xian. See more details of Xian layover tour star from Xian Xianyang Airport.

Recommended Xian join in bus tour

Many travelers prefer to join in a organized bus tour in Xian. Beijingservice team recommend Xian Terracotta Warriors 1 day join in bus tour. This bus tour is available to start from your hotel or from the train station in downtown Xian at less expensive price. Travelers have chance to see a Terracotta Warriors Copy factory during the bus tour.    See more details of Xian join in bus tour.

Recommended Beijing Xian 1 day tour

Beijing Xian one day tour will be suggested when travelers come to Beijing and only have one day time to visit Xian Terracotta Warriors. recommended Beijing Xian layover tourWe suggest travelers to visit Terra-cotta Warriors and City Wall private one day tour from Beijing by flight.  Beijingservice will take care of the double way airport transfer in Beijing and Xian, as well as the sightseeing in Xian. 
If you prefer to visit Xian Terracotta Warriors and Xian city wall overnight train from Beijing to Xian, please make reservation at least 30 days in advance and please send the scanned copy of your passport to tour advisor. See more details of Beijing Xian one day tour.

Recommended Xian unique tour products

Xian 3 days private leisure package tour is suggested if you prefer to take a loose trip.  Travel with this leisure tour, travelers do not need to rush from one attraction to another one. Many travelers come to Xian to spend holiday with family, one of the highlight is visiting the Terracotta Warriors, we recommend three days Xian family packaged private trip, which is the best choice for family travelers. This family tour covers the most popular attractions, and the sightseeing trip is in easy level for your family member.
recommended Xian Tang Dynasty tourXian is well known for the culture of Tang Dynasty, Beijingservice designed 3 days theme package tour focused on Tang Dynasty culture. There are many unique attractions related with Tang Dynasty in this unique designed trip.

Xian is a dry city, but there is wetland not from from the city. 4 days Xian private package tour include wetland is recommended if you are interested in wetland of the city. It is an amazing experience when you find the wetland after driveing out the hot and dry city. 

When a hiking lover come to visit Xian, they prefer to take a hiking tour in this city. Beijingservice recommend Xian 4 days private package tour include hiking.  This hiking tour covers private airport transfer as well as the sightseeing of Xian on foot. This hiking trip make travelers have chance to to touch more aspect of the city.

Xian is a city famous for one of the Great Wonders of the world, Terracotta Warriors. Being a city combines old element and modern aspect, 3 days old Xian package private tour lead you to discover the old aspect of Xian. 3 days modern Xian private package tour show you the modern and new side of this city.

Shopping is one of the must things when visit a city. Beijingservice team designed shopping tour for Xian. 3 days shopping package trip was often used by foreign travelers.   This shopping tour offers travelers a chance to discover local market. Most of the customers in the market are local people.

4 days Xian private daily life package tour is recommended if you are interested in discovering how local recommended Xian daily life and folk tourpeople make their daily life. The local life tour covers the visiting of local park, local shopping mall, antique market, traditional area of Xian, as well as enjoying a local opera of Xian.

Beijingservice team designed incentive tour for company or organization. 3 day incentive private package tour is suggested when a company come to Xian with their staff. Buffet dinner is included in the evening of 1st night. Tang dynasty dinner and show is include in the evening of second day.

Factory visit to Xian is getting popular these years. The 3 days private industry tour is recommended when travelers need a industrial trip to Xian. Beijingservice will include the factory visit such as food, beverage, manufacture factory as well as the popular attractions in the trip.

For Indian travelers, we suggest Xian 2 days Indian package tour. This two days trip include Indian lunch, which is convenient for Indian travelers.   Dinner will be arranged under request based on extra cost.
Many photographers come to China to take beautiful photo in each year. Xian is one their destination. We suggest 3 days Xian photograph package tour. This private trip covers popular attractions, local folk art, City Wall under sunsetting, antique market and Xian daily life.

3 days Xian Taoist package private tour is recommended if travelers are interested in Chinese Taoist Temple.   We will visit a Xian local Taoist temple on second day of this trip. three days Xian Buddhist package tour is recommended if travelers plan a Buddhist trip to Xian. Beijingservice team arranged Cien Temple, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Daxiangshan Temple, Wolong Temple in this xian private package trip.

Many foreign travelers prefer to see a local village of China. Beijingservice designed Xian village tour. 3 days Xian village private package tour is suggested. Travelers have chance to discover two villages of Xian.