Xian Bus Tour


Xian bus tour photoXian bus tour refers to discover Xian via public bus or join in an tour bus (tour coach) arranged by local tour operator of Beijingservice team. Xian bus trip is one of the best less expensive way to discover the city. 

Type of Xian bus tour

There are two kinds of Xian bus tour. The first type refer to travel Xian via public bus. The trip via public bus is a good way to know the daily life of local people. Travelers need to have abundant travel experience in China because the bus driver can not speak English. Beijingservice designed unique Xian bus tour, which provides an English speaking tour guide for travelers. It is easy an professional to travel Xian with an local tour guide. The tour guide will company travelers all the way to introduce the attractions, buildings, market of the City, on a bus or in attractions.

The second Xian bus tour refers to joining in an join in an organized Xian bus tour package arranged by Beijingservice. The bus tour departure daily. Our bus will pick up travelers on he morning, take sightseeing and transfer travelers back to hotel after the bus trip. This join in bus tour covers vehicle, driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee, lunch. And part of the package bus tour include the accommodation in the price.

Xian bus tour Package

Xian public bus tour
This public bus trip is designed by Beijingservice. An English speaking tour guide is arranged or the trip, to help travelers to buy bus tickets and gave introduction of attractions to traveler.

Xian Public Bus Package Tour / Xian public bus packaged trip
XA-PH-01Bus. 4 days Xian public bus package tour
XA-PH-02Bus. 5 days Xian public bus package tour

Xian one day join in bus tour

Xian bus tour photoXA-ST-01. Banpo Museum and Terra-cotta Warriors one day join in bus tour
XA-ST-02. Xian one day join in bus tour of Museum Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
XA-ST-03. Xian 1 day city bus tour to visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum, Bell and Drum Tower, Muslim's quarter
XA-ST-04. Xian Museum of Terracotta Warriors, City Tour and Tang Dynasty Show one day join in bus tour
XA-ST-05. Xian one day bus tour of Museum of the First Qin Emperor's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Xian join in bus package tour

Xian packaged join in bus trips covers the top attractions of Xian. All packaged tour pick up travelers from hotel on the morning and transfer back travelers to hotel in the afternoon.
XA-ST2-A. Xian 2 days join in bus tour package (hotel excluded)
XA-ST2-B. Xian 2 days join in bus tour package include Banpo Museum and Tang Dynasty evening show (hotel excluded)
XA-ST3-A. Classic Xian 3 days package bus tour
XA-ST3-B. Xian classic 3 days join in bus tour
XA-ST4. Xian four days bus tour package (esclude hotel )

Xian bus tour vehicle

Xian public bus tour depends on which bus you take. Most public bus are in good condition. But it is crowded during rush hour. Our tour guide will chose public equipped with air-condition in winter or summer. If you take join in bus tour, 22 seat mini-bus is provided. You may share the bus with other English speaking tour guide with other English speaking travelers. The vehicle is in good condition with air-condition.

Restaurant of Xian bus tour

Tour guide will arrange a restaurant on the way to attractions or near the attraction. The restaurant may be local restaurant or tourism restaurant. Travelers may talk with tour guide about the restaurant and food when they travel with private tour guide via public bus. The restaurant can not be changed when travelers take join in bus package operated by tour company.

Start place of Xian bus tour

Xian multi-days bus tour package start from airport or train station. Our driver will pick up travelers and transfer to hotel. Xian one day bus tour start from your hotel in downtown area. After picking up from hotel, private guide will lead you to take public bus to take sightseeing; join in bus tour guide will lead you to tour coach.

End place of Xian bus tour

Xian bus tour photoXian package bus tour ends in airport or train station. Xian one day bus tour ends at your hotel in downtown area. Please let us know if you have special request on the drop off place after the bus tour.

Evening performance arranged in Xian bus tour

Part of Multi-days Xian bus tour covers Evening show such as the Tang Dynasty Show. Travelers will be transferred directly to theater or back to hotel (another vehicle will transfer you to theater), which depends on the traffic and time schedule. Please follow the instruction of tour guide.
Xian one day bus tour does not cover evening show unless it is specified. Travelers may add the request of evening performance when make reservation.

Xian Bus Tour FAQ

We take morning flight from Beijing to Xian, is it possible to join in Xian bus tour ?

Xian airport is around 1.5 hours driving from downtown Xian. There is no time to take the bus tour on the same day. We suggest you to take bus tour on the next day, or take overnight train from Beijing to Xian in the evening before tour date. Another method is changing the bus tour to a private tour start from airport.

How long time shall we spend in Terracotta Warriors when we take bus trip in Xian ?

The time spend in the Museum of Terracotta Warriors is around 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The time is subject to change based on the traffic, Please follow the advice of Xian bus tour guide.

As we know there is a kind of tourist public bus from Xian downtown to Terracotta Warriors, can we take this kind of public bus in our bus trip to Xian?

Thank you for the info. Yes, the tourist bus is possible. Your English speaking tour guide will lead you to the first stop of the bus. The condition of this kind of bus is very good.

Booking of Xian Half Day Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Hotel name in Xian: __________
Hotel address: __________
Telephone number of hotel: __________
Name you used to reserve hotel:__________
Date of check in hotel:__________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Payment Method

Xian bus tour can be paid via Wechat, Bank, Alipay, Paypal or Bank.
We suggest travelers to pay 30 USD as deposit via Alipay, PayPal or Credit Card. Balance can be paid in cash to our tour guide in Xian on tour date.

My friend Catherine recommend your company. She visited Xian with you bus tour on July 6. Can you arrange a same tour for us? We are told there is a Terracotta copy factory, can you include this in our trip ?

Thank you for your email. Yes, we can arrange tour for you on July 6. We will visit the Terracotta Warrior copy factory after visiting of Terracotta Warriors. Please subit your reservation from the bus tour page or please send us your passport information to us.