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  • Xian Evening Tour

    evening trip of Xian

    • Xian evening tour lead you to take sightseeing or enjoy performance of Xian in the evening.


      Being an add-on service after daytime sightseeing, Xian evening tour refers to discovering Xian at night time. The time length of an evening trip of Xian is around 3 hours.
      Xian evening tour is called '西安晚间旅游' in Chinese. This tour product is favored by both local and foreign travelers.
      Most Xian evening trip start from and end in hotel of downtown Xian.

    Photo of Xian Evening Tour

    • Xian evening tour photo covers images of top attractions and performance of Xian evening trip.


      How do you arrange your evening time in Xian ? Just take a wondering near hotel or stay in hotel in front of TV ? The time after dinner should not be wasted when you travel Xian. Lets add some ice-scream on the cake of Xian trip.

      Xian evening tour offers a chance to make full use of your evening time in Xian to discover this ancient capital. Attraction sightseeing and performance are both available to be arranged. The most famous performance is 'Tang Dynasty Show'.
      Most Xian evening trip covers private vehicle, driver, private tour guide, admission fee, parking and fuel.


    • Experienced evening tour operating team in Xian,
    • Well organized evening tour itinerary,
    • Reasonable price based on high quality travel service,
    • No commission to third party, low cost guarantee,
    • No hidden cost,

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    Xian Evening Tour Tips

    • You are suggested to choose a hotel within Ancient City Wall if you prefer to take evening trip of Xian,
    • Most Xian evening tour does not include dinner, but it is possible to cover dinner based on extra cost,
    • Payment is suggested to be remitted two weeks before tour date,
    • Tang Dynasty show should be be missed from your Xian trip,
    • Itinerary

      Most Xian evening tours itinerary starts from and end in hotel of downtown Xian.

      Be met from your hotel in downtown Xian at around 18:00.
      Drive to attractions for sightseeing.
      Be transferred back to your hotel after the evening trip around 3 hours later.

    • Attractions

      Only small part of attractions of Xian are available in the evening, for example, Xian Drum Tower Square, Tang Paradise, The North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Sleepless of Tang, Yingxingfang, Shuyuanmen Street, Defu lanes, Muslim quarter as well as Qujiang Lake.

    • Performance

      Evening show is an important section of evening tour in Xian.
      Tang Dynasty show is the first performance to be recommended in Xian. It combines the dancing, music, Tang Dynasty dressing as well as instrument playing to show an excellent performance in each evening.
      Tang Dynasty dinner or Dumpling Dinner is available upon request. The performance is arranged in Shaanxi Provincial Theater, which is located in downtown Xian.

      Another performance worth a try in your Xian evening trip is a local opera named Qinqiang. This performance is closed related with Xian local custom and culture. This performance is only available in small theater or restaurant.

    • Dinner

      Most Xian evening tour does not include dinner because of the limited sightseeing time. But it is available to be added before the sightseeing or performance based on extra cost.

      Tang Dynasty dinner, dumpling dinner(饺子), Pita Bread In Mutton Soup(羊肉泡馍), local dishes and local snacks at Yongxingfang or Muslim areas are all available to be arranged in evening tour.

    • Work-Flow

      Here is the steps of choosing and operating of a Xian evening trip.

      Select a Xian evening tour route on
      Submit your information to make reservation.
      Your evening trip will be confirmed within 48 hours. Confirmation will be sent to you via email.
      Deposit or prepayment should be received before tour date.
      Tour guide info will be sent to you one day in advance via email.
      You will be met by guide and vehicle at appointed time and place.
      Enjoy the sightseeing or performance as confirmed.
      You will be transferred back to hotel after the evening journey.
      Fill in a simple feedback form to let us know your feeling on this tirp. Service end.

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    Xian Evening Tour Note

    • Xian evening tour needs to be booked in advance, although it is a short trip,
    • Please take a hotel name card if you prefer to be dropped off at bar street after the performance,
    • You are not suggested to take an evening tour before departure flight,
    • The sightseeing of Terracotta Warriors is not available in the evening.
    • Payment is suggested to be remitted two weeks before tour date.

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    Xian Evening Tour FAQ

    • How to meet tour guide after we booked a evening trip with you ?
    • Our tour advisor will send you mobile phone of our tour guide one day in advance. And the guide leave you a message to your hotel room in the evening before tour date. Tour guide will hold a paper with your name at appointed place and time. For sure, you can tailor the pick up sign when make reservation.
    • Is it possible to end the evening tour at Defu lane ? Then we will take taxi back to hotel ?
    • Yes, it is possible, please mention this when you make reservation. Our tour advisor will put this in confirmation email.
      By the way, you are suggested to take a hotel card with you.
    • Is it possible to include dinner in a local restaurant ?
    • Yes, it is possible. Please include your dinner request when make reservation.
    • Information To Make Reservation

      We need the following information to set up a Xian evening trip.
      Evening tour code,
      Tour name,
      Tour date,
      Number of travelers,
      Hotel name, room number, telephone and address,
      Your preferred payment method,

    • Pick Up Time

      Most Xian evening tour start from 18:00. The time is not adjustable if your evening trip include performance.
      The pick up time is flexible if you take sightseeing in the evening. We can adjust the time according to your request.

    • Pick Up Place

      Most travelers choose to be met from hotel in downtown Xian. We suggest you to book a hotel within Xian Ancient City Wall to save your transfer time. Please let us know if you prefer to start the evening tour from an apartment or even exhibition center.

    • End time

      Xian evening trip ends at around 20:30 to 21:00.
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