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  • Xian tour product offers private vehicle or join in tour coach in helping travelers to take sightseeing in this ancient city within one day or multi-days.


    Xian tour refers to the sightseeing trip to the ancient capital Xian.
    Covering the eighth wonders of the world, Xian tour is favored by most travelers when they plan a trip to China. The profound culture and the long history of this city offers you you an amazing trip beyond your imagination.

    Under Chinese name '西安旅游', Xian tour is available to be operated by private car or a sharing coach arranged by local agent.

    Most travelers stay in Xian for 3 to 4 days to cover the popular attractions. It is east to arrange a 6 to 10 days trip in this ancient city. And there are many other unpopular attractions offers interesting visit.

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  • Xian tour photo covers images of Xian sightseeing related providers.


  • Beijing the highlights of Qin Dynasty, Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is the No.1 attraction in Xian sightseeing. But Xian is not limited in the culture and history of Qin. You also can discover the culture of Tang Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. Such as the Tang Dynasty Show and Ancient City Wall.

    Being an ancient city and famous tourism city in China, Xian is attracting travelers from every corner of the world. The tourism accommodation, vehicle, tour guide, tourism dinning service upgraded into a new and higher level, which make a Xian tour experience more easy convenience and comfortable
  • Classic Itinerary

    Three days essential Xian tour is suggested if this is your first trip to Xian.
    Day 1. Reach Xian. Be met and transfer to hotel.
    Day 2. Visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Drive back to Xian to visit Stele Museum and Ancient City Wall.
    Day 3. Visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum, Departure. Service end.

    If you have an extra one or two days, the following day tours are suggested.
    Option 1. One day tour to Mountain Hua.
    Option 2. One day trip to Xianyang Museum, Qianling Mausoleum or go further to Famen Temple.
    Option 3. One day tour of Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Shuyuanmen Street, Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter.

    Hukou Waterfall, Dangjia Village and Yanan are also possible to be visited from Xian. We suggest a two days tour because they are far from Xian.

  • Xian Bus Tour
  • Covering Xian join in bus tour arranged by travel agent as well as public bus tour, Xian bus tour offers an inexpensive way to discover Xian.see more Xian Bus Tour
  • Xian Package Tour
  • Xian package tour covers most Xian travel service in one product, to provide a comfortable and worry-free sightseeing trip of this ancient capital. see more Xian Package Tour
  • Xian Half Day Tour
  • Xian half day tour make full use of 4 hours to show you the highlights of this ancient city. With a flexible start time, this half day trip of Xian start from your hotel in downtown, and you will be transferred back after sightseeing. see more Xian Half Day Tour
  • Xian Evening Tour
  • Xian evening tour lead you to take sightseeing or enjoy performance of Xian in the evening. see more Xian Evening Tour
  • Xian Layover Tour
  • Xian layover tour offers a chance to take a short sightseeing of Xian when you take a stopover in this city.see more Xian Layover Tour

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    Xian Tour Tips

    • -Xian sightseeing is not effected much by season. You can get a better price to travel Xian in low season.
    • -Early bird can get a better price than last minute booking.
    • -Booking through local operator may save around 30% cost than reserving Xian trip via a third party.
    • -It is a good chance to try the speed bullet train from Beijing to Xian.
    • -Except the famous one of Qin dynasty, Xian Terracotta Warriors are also available in Han dynasty, which can be discovered in Xianyang Museum or Hanyang Mausoleum.
    • -The performance of Tang Dynasty Show should never be skipped when you visit Xian.
    • -Cycling on Xian City Wall is an unique experience.
    • -Speed train and overnight train are both available in Xian.
    • Top Attractions

      Most Xian tour covers the following attractions :
      Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Stele Museum,
      Banpo Museum, Huaqing Pool, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell and Drum Tower, Great Mosque,
      Mt.Hua, Qianling Mausoleum, Famen Temple, Xianyang Museum, Hukou Waterfall, Dangjia Village,

    • Where To Start Xian Trip

      Most Xian package start from Xian Airport. Actually the airport is located in Xianyang, a small city around 50km northwest of Xian. The full name of the airport is Xianyang International Airport. It needs one and half hour to transfer from airport to hotel, because the traffic is a little heavy.
      Some travelers prefer to try speed train from Beijing or Shanghai to Xian. Then we will pick you up from Xian North Station.
      If you prefer overnight train, then you will reach Xian Railway Station, which is located in downtown of Xian.

      Most Xian one day tour or half day tour start from lobby of your hotel in downtown Xian.
      Please let us know the detailed address and phone number if you will stay in an apartment of a friend in Xian.

    • Classification

      Xian tour can be divided into several kinds according to different taxonomy:

      Grouping : Xian private tour, Xian join in bus tour
      Length : Xian one day tour, two days, three days, four days, half day, Xian layover tour, etc.
      Packing : Xian package tour, single service (transfer, guide, driver, vehicle, translate, ticketing, dinning, ... )
      Theme : Xian classic tour, popular, family, kids, hot-spring, skiing, etc.
      Time period : Xian daytime tour, evening tour, morning tour, afternoon tour, multi-days tour, etc.
      starting place : Beijing Xian tour, Shanghai Xian tour, Xian layover tour from airport, etc.

    • Land Transportation

      Xian private tour is supported by private transportation, including private vehicle with private driver.
      The vehicle covers 5 seats car, 7 to 15 seats van, 19 to 22 seats mini-bus, and 33 to 55 sets coach.

      Xian join in bus tour use 19 to 22 seats mini-bus as vehicle, because there is 5 to 15 travelers in most Xian bus tour.

      Private vehicle and sharing bus pick up travelers from hotel lobby and transfer back to boarding place after the sightseeing.

    • Information Needed To Make Reservation

      The following information is needed when you book a Xian trip:

      Xian Tour date
      Numbers of travelers
      Name on passport
      Payment method
      Pick up sign

      - Hotel name, address and phone number is needed if you book hotel of Xian on your own.
      - Flight number, date and time are necessary if you book xian flight on your own.

    Xian Tour Note

    • -Tickets of Terracotta Warriors Museum needs to be reserved in advance. Please send us scanned copy of your passport after reservation.
    • -Please make reservation at least one month in advance if you need tour guide speaking beyond Chinese and English.
    • -You are suggested to send us the train tickets photo when you book train station transfer, because there are several train stations in Xian, and it is not easy to make clear for foreign travelers to make clear.
    • -Train tickets is not easy to be booked, especially during Chinese holiday. Please arrange train tickets at least 5 weeks in advance.
    • -Please follow the advice of your tour advisor on which exit to walk out train station. Wrong exit leads to time wasting.
    • -Reservation of Xian tour is suggested to make as early as possible, tour guide is very busy especially after COVID.

    Xian Tour FAQ

    • Which district should We Stay in Xian while visit Xian ?
    • We always arranged hotel in downtown Xian for our customer, which is convenient for travelers to feel the profound history and culture of this ancient city.
      If you prefer to arrange hotel on your own, you can choose a hotel within City Wall, such as near the Xian government, Drum Tower or Muslim Quarter.
    • We work in Shanghai, How can you help us to take Xian Trip ?
    • We can take care double way flight, hotel accommodation, attractions, vehicle, guide and dinning in Xian. If necessary we will also cover the airport transfer in Shanghai.
      We suggest you to take morning flight to Xian, then take a 2 days or 3 days Xian package tour.
      Please send us your scanned copy of passport when make reservation.
      If possible, please avoid the National Holiday, otherwise it will be crowded while you travel Xian.
    • Best Season

      Xian is not a city effected very much by season unless you want to visit Mt.Hua, although Spring and Autumn offers a comfortable temperature.
      Travelers may take Xian tour to visit main attractions all year around, such as Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Banpo Museum, ShaanXi History Museum, etc.
      Spring Summer and Autumn are suggested if you want to take sightseeing to Mountain Hua.

    • Theme

      Xian classic tour and Xian popular tour are selected by most travelers to travel this ancient city, because they covers top attractions of Xian.
      Travel with this kind of tour may impress you with the highlights of Xian.

      There are many theme tours in Xian, which is the best choice after you visited Xian in the past. Xian theme tour covers family tour, kids tours, hot-spring tour, skiing tour, leisure tour, etc. Travelers may choose the product according to interests.

    • Payment

      Xian tour is available to be paid via Alipay, Wechat, Bank, PayPal and Credit Card.
      The payment or deposit should be received before tour date.
      You are suggested to remit prepayment one month before tour date if you reserved package tour including hotel accommodation.

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