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Xian Tour | Trip to Xian

Profile of Xian Tour

Xian tour refers to sightseeing trip to Xian with private vehicle or join in coach.
In Chinese, Xian tour is called 西安旅游 or 西安之旅.

Being an important tourist city in China, Xian tour is famous for the sightseeing of Terracotta Warriors. Millions of foreign travelers come to visit Xian each year.

Xian tour photoXian Tour Photo - Terra Cotta Warriors
Except the Terracotta Warriors, there are many excellent attractions this city.

Beijingservice team designed some unique Xian tour products to include the attractions.

Xian Tour Classifaction

Xian tour products can be devided in the following kinds based on different standards.
Type : Xian package tour, Xian one day tour, Xian half day tour, Xian layover tour, Xian Evening tour, Xian early morning tour.
Form : Xian private tour, Xian bus tour,
Transfer :Xian airport transfer, Xian Train Station transfer, Xian North Railway Station transfer,
Theme : Xian Theme Tour,
China Tour include Xian: Xian one day tour star from Beijing.

Xian Classic Tour Products

Xian classic tour products covers popular attractions of Xian, which is the best choice when travelers take their first trip to Xian.  Xian Classic tour covers from package tour to transfer service.

Xian Private Package Tour include Hotel

Bell and Drum Tower Square Xian Bell and Drum Tower Square Xian
Xian package tour provides worry free tour products for travelers. The package covers vehicle, driver, guide, local Xian tour guide, admission fee of attraction, meal, evening performance, parking, fuel as well as double way airport transfer or train station transfer.
XA-PH-01. Xian 2 days private tour of Terracotta Warriors
Use the shortest time to discover top attractions in Xian.
XA-PH-02. Xian 3 Days typical private tour of Terracotta Warriors
Typical Xian private tour to cover popular attractions in Xian, which is used by most travelers to Xian.
XA-PH-03. 4 days typical Xian tour of Terracotta Warrior
Visit Xian top attractions with easy and leisure arrangement.
See more details of Xian package tour

Xian One Day Tour

Xian one day tours offers a chance to visit two or three top attractions of Xian within one day, around 8 to 9 hours.  Vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee and lunch are included.
XA-PO-01. Xian Private one day Terracotta Warriors and City tour
XA-PO-02. Private 1 day Xian tour of  City Wall, Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque, Bell and Drum Tower
XA-PO-05. Xian one day tour of Mt.Hua
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Xian Half Day Tours

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian
Xian half day tours are available when you have more than 4 hours after business in Xian.
XA-PF-01. Xian half day tour to visit Terra Cotta Warriors and Army,
XA-PF-02. Xian Ancient City Wall half day trip
XA-PF-03. ShannXi History Museum half day tour
XA-PF-08. Xian half day tour of Big Wild Goose Pagoda
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Xian Bus Tours / Group Tours

Xian bus tour (called Xian Group Tour) is a less expensive way to visit Xian.  Travelers share Xian local vehicle with other English speaking travelers.
XA-ST-01. Terra Cotta Warriors one day bus tour
XA-ST-02. Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses + Xian City one day bus tour
XA-ST2-A. Xian 2 days bus tour
XA-ST3-A. Xian 3 days bus tour
XA-ST4-A. 4 days Xian bus trip
Xian Ancient City Wall Xian Ancient City Wall
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Xian Transfer Service

Beijingservice team offers private vehicle, driver for transfer service in Xian.
XA-PT-01. Xian airport transfer
XA-PT-02. Xian train station transfer

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Unique Designed Xian Tour

Except the above classic tour of xian, Beijingservie team designed Xian tour routes based on various them or topic.

Xian Family Tour

Stele Forest Xian Stele Forest Xian
The following Xian tour routes is designed for travelers when they travel Xian with child.
The itinerary of Xian family is at leisure pace, which considered the request of elder travelers or kids.
XA-PH-01Family. 2 days Xian classic family private tour package
XA-PH-02Family. Xian 3 days family packaged private trip
Xian-PO-01Family. Xian family day tour of City Wall, culture garden and Big Wild Goose Pagoda fountain
Xian-PO-02Family. Xian 1 day family tour of Terracotta Warriors, History Museum and local daily life area
Xian-PF-01Family. Xian half day family tour of local folk culture & fountain by Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian-PF-02Family. Half day Xian private family tour of Museum local snack street
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Xian Hot Spring Tour

Hot Spring Xian Hot Spring Xian
Xian is a city with famous hot spring resource. Beijingservice designed the following Xian tour include Xian hot spring experience.
XA-PH-01Hotspring. Xian 3 days package tour include Hotspring
XA-PH-02Hotspring. Xian 4 days package tour include Hotspring
XA-PH-03Hotspring. Xian 5 days package tour include Hotspring and Mountain Hua
XA-PO-01Hotspring. Be met from hotel in Xian and transfer to visit Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. Drive to Huaqing Hotspring. Enjoy Hotspring for 2 hours. Be transferred back to hotel.
Xian-PF-01Hotspring. Xian half day hot-spring tour
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Xian Leisure Tour

Xian leisure tour to local village Xian Leisure Tour Photo
Xian leisure tour offers recreational itinerary to discover Xian at relaxed pace.  This is the best products for family travelers, elders or travelers with child, because travelers do not need to rush from one attraction to another one.
XA-PH-01Leisure. Xian 2 days private leisure package tour
XA-PH-02Leisure. Xian 3 days private leisure package tour
XA-PH-03Leisure. Xian 4 days private leisure package tour
XA-PH-04Leisure. Xian 5 days private leisure package tour
A-PO-01Leisure. Be met from airport, drive to visit Terracotta Warriors Museum. Free afternoon, Tang Dynasty Show in the evening. ( , , )
XA-PO-02Leisure. Morning visit of Xian City Wall, 1-2 hours bicycle or walking tour on city Wall. Afternoon is free at leisure. Tang Dynasty Show in the evening. ( , Lunch, )
XA-PF-01Leisure. Xian half day leisure tour to visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the fountain at the north Sauare.
XA-PF-02Leisure. Xian half day leisure trip to visit Tang Paradise
see more Xian leisure tour

Xian China Tour

Xian China tour to Great Wall Xian Leisure Tour Photo
Xian China tour refers to China tour routes include sightseeing trip of Xian.
BC-PH-02. Xian one day tour from Beijing by flight
BC-PH-01. Xian one day tour from Beijing by train
CT-BJ-01. Beijing Xian Shanghai tour
CT-BJ-02. Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai tour
CT-BJ-03. Beijing Xian Lhasa Shanghai tour
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Xian Tour Tips

Suggstion for Classic Itinerary for Xian Tour

Most travelers come to Xian to visit Terracotta Warriors and Army Museum.
If you only have one day, we suggest : Terracotta Warriors on the morning and City Wall in the afternoon.
If you have two days in Xian, here is our suggestion:
Day 1. Terracotta Warriors, City Wall
Day 2. Xian city tour: Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shanxi History Museum, Stone Stele Forest Museum.
Please consider this if you have a 3rd day in Xian: Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Temple.
4th day in Xian: Mountain Hua is a good idea.
Please do not miss the Tang Dynasty Show in Xian, it is amazing.

Local Tour Guide in Xian

Guide Photo of Xian TourSandy Xu,  One of the English Speaking guide of Xian Tour
Our tour guide team in Xian are all licensed by Xian Tourism Bureau.   They are kind, helpful and professional.  It is available for travelers to talk about the visiting speed in sightseing.  The Xian tour guide will adjust the visiting according to travelers reasonable request.

Unique Tour Itinerary for Xian Tour

Beijingserice team visited all attractions in Xian and selected some new but very interesting place for travelers to take a deep and unique tour of Xian, to touch the local folk culture of this ancient capital city. Please contact us if you need to tailor a tour for you.

Vehicle of Xian Tour

Vehicle Photo of Xian TourXian  Tour Vehicle
Xian tour vehicle can be divided into 4 kinds according to the seats quantity:
#. 5 seats car, for 1 to 2 travelers,
#. 9-15 seats van for 3-9 travelers,
#. 22 seats mini-bus for 10-16 travelers Xian tour group,
#. 33-55 seats coach for 16-39 travelers group,
Air-condition is available on tour vehicle.  Sometimes we will use 9 seats van for 2 travelers when the luggage is pending. The photo on the right side is a 9 seats private van in Xian.

Highlights of Xian Tour / Top Attractions of Xian Tour

The following attractions are visited by most travelers to Xian:
Terra-cotta Warriors and Army Museum, Ancient City Wall, Provincial Museum, Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda,  Huaqing Hotspring, Banpo Museum, Xianyang Museum, Qianling Mausoleum, Maoling Mausoleum
Mt.Hua, Hukou Waterfall, Tang Dynasty Evening Show.   
Xian is abundant with culture, folk , modern and hisorical attractions.  Please contact Beijingservice team if above attractions are visited in the past when you plan a Xian trip.

The Place to start Xian Tour

We can meet travelers from Xianyang Airport, train station, cruise port and hotel in Xian. If you can provide a detailed address, mobile phone, we also can meet you from a housing estate. After the Xian tour, we will transfer you back to hotel or airport according to your request.

Accommodation of Xian Tour

Hotel Photo of Xian Tours Beijingservice team choose Xian hotel each year, from 5 star deluxe hotel to 3 star comfortable hotel, even 2 star level hostel.
We always suggest good hotel with affordable price to our clients. All hotels are located in downtown Xian, which is convenient for travelers. See more Xian hotels information.

Restaurant of Xian Tour

Beijingservice team choose restaurant each year. We cooperate with both tourist and local restaurant for your choice, from budget to deluxe restaurant.  Restaurant in downtown area offers many flavor and types for choice.   Only tourist restaurant will be used in suburb area to secure the cleanness and speed.

Map of Xian ToursMap of Xian Tour

Xian tourist map is listed on the right side of this page. Travelers can get an impression of the top attractions in Xian.

Best Season of Xian Tour

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to take a Xian tour.
The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 32 degree.
It is very cold in January, with an average temperature of -5 degree.  But the vehicle and hotels are less expensive in winter.  It is also a good idea to take a Winter trip to Xian if you do not mind the low temperature.  

Feedback Form after Xian Tour

Vehicle Photo of Xian TourXian  Tour Vehicle
We will ask travelers to fill in tour feedback from at the end of each Xian tour. We got very good feedback from our clients, which is our Great pleasure.  

But please write it down on the feedback form if you have suggestion on the Xian travel service, we will do something accroding to your request.

Xian Tour Related Question or Email

Xian tour related question Can I have a Xian Loal Mobile Phone Number ?

It is very helpful if you have a China local mobile phone number when visiting Xian. Tour guide will get in touch with your before meeting you from hotel or airport. Please contact our tour advisor if you prefer to have a local phone number. And the card is possible to include 3G INTERNET connection function.

Xian tour related question What is the Payment Method of Xian Tours ?

Deposit is needed when you need us to book vehicle, tour guide or hotel in Xian. Beijingservice team accept payment via Credit Card, Bank or Paypal.   Our accountant will send you payment details after we confirm all tour details. 
Prepayment is needed when you need Beijingservice to book flight or train tickets.

Xian tour related question We fly to Beijing from U.S.A.  Can We start a Xian Tour from Beijing ?

Xian tour photoXian Tour Photo - Mt.Hua
Yes, it is available to take sightseeing in Xian from Beijing. There are many trains between Beijing and Xian, both fast bullet trains and overnight train. Most travelers prefer to use morning flight from Beijing to Xian,  visit Xian for 2 or 3 days, and then connect flight to next city.
Another part of travelers will take overnight train, which can save one night room cost.  We will book soft sleep berth berth for travelers, and there are 4 sleep berths in one cabin. We suggest Z19 from Beijing to Xian. The overnight train start at 20:40 from Beijing West Railway Station and reach Xian Train Station at around 08:30.  This is the best time for travelling Xian.
Our Xian local tour guide, driver and vehicle will meet you from exit of Xian Railway Station.

Xian tour related question Where Should We Stay in Xian ?

Downtown XianThere are many hotels in Xian, from 2 star hostel to 5 star deluxe hotel. Beijingservice team always arrange hotel in downtown area of Xian, such as near the Xian Government, Drum Tower Square or Muslim Street.

The hotel in these area are very convenient for travelers to take an evening walking after the tour of daytime.
The photo on the right side is the Drum and Bell Tower Square of Xian.

Xian tour related question We work in Shanghai, How Can We Take Xian Tour ?

Actually it is almost same with Xian tour from Beijing. You may take morning flight to Xian, then take a 2 days or 3 days Xian package tour. At the of the tour, we will transfer you back to airport. Please avoid the National Holiday, otherwise it will be too crowded.

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