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Profile of Xian Hotel

Xian hotel photoBeing the home of the great wonder Terracotta Warrior, Xian is one of the the most popular tourism city in China. Travelers come to Xian for sightseeing or business, all travelers needs a room in Xian. Hotel accommodation covers from Xian 2 star level hostel to 5 star Xian deluxe hotel. It is not hard to find a hotel in Xian, such as read the review of other travelers' review, watching the photo on website.

But it is not easy to find a hotel with the best location, service, hardware and price. Reading this page is helpful for travelers to find an accommodation place.

Recommended Hotel for sightseeing in Xian

Xian hotel arranged for Xian sightseeing tripThe hotel selected by Beijingservice should be central located with good hardware, service and reasonable price. Minxing Boutique Hotel is a nice comfortable hotel located in downtown. Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel (Grand New World Hotel ) or Tianyu Glorial Plaza Hotel Xian will be used when travelers need a light luxury hotel (around 4.5 star ) in the package tour of Xian. Sofitel Hotel Xian or Sheraton Hotel Xian are luxury hotel located in downtown Xian.

Xian hotel level / type

Hostel / around 2 star level, basic request on accommodation, good place for young adult, students.
Comfort / Xian 3 star hotel level, Beijingservice team can find a safe, clean and comfortable room include daily breakfast.
Light luxury / 4 star Xian hotel  , the hotel selected by our team offers decent hardware and very good service.
Deluxe / Xian 5 star hotel level, offers deluxe accommodation and related service.
Super deluxe / 5 star+ hotel level, world famous brand hotel offers excellent hardware and service at high price.
Many travelers are trying to find a Xian cheap hotel.  Beijingservice team cooperator with the most hotels of Xian since 2003.  We can find a hotel with very good price based on prepayment. 
According to location of hote,  the popular location is Xian hotel in downtown,  Xian hotel near airport and Xian
Travelers may got a very high price when go to hotel directly. So we list price of Xian discount hotel for reference.   Please find all Xian hotels can be booked by our team. 

Xian Hotel Location

Beijingservice can arrange hotel in the following area or location.  The address were wrote in Chinese and English:

Beijingservice team can find and arrange a hotel in the following area:

Downtown Xian Hotel /市中心酒店

Beiguan / 北关
Bell and Drum Tower / 钟鼓楼
Daxing New District / 大兴新区
Hongmiaopo / 红庙坡
Huimin Street / Muslim Street / 回民街
Xian hotel photoKangfu Road / 康复路
Lijia Village / 李家村
Longshou Village / 龙首村
People Hospital of Shannxi Province / 陕西省人民医院
Saige Comuter City / SEG Computer City / 赛格电脑城
Hotel closed to Xian Shaanxi History Museum / 陕西历史博物馆
Shaanxi Provincial Government / 陕西省政府
Shannxi Provincial Stadium / 省体育场
Xian hotel near Shuyuanmen Street / 书院门
Small Wild Goose Pagoda / 小雁塔
South Gate / 南门
Stele Museum / 碑林博物馆
West Gate / 西门(城中心)
West Market of Datang / 大唐西市
Xian Jiatong University (Qujiang Campus) / 西安交通大学(曲江校区)
Xian hotel near Train Station / 火车站
Xian hotel near Ancient City Wall / 城墙
Xijing Hospital / 西京医院
Xishaomen Airport Shuttle Bus Station / 西稍门机场大巴站
Xiaozhai / 小寨
Xincheng Square / 新城广场
Xingqing Park / 兴庆公园

Xian Hotel in other area / 西安其它地区酒店

Bailuyuan / 白鹿原
Big Wild Goose Pagoda / 大雁塔曲江旅游区
Bus station west of Xian / 城西客运站
Xian hotel facilityChengdong Coach Station / 城东客运站
Daming Palace / 大明宫遗址公园
Greenland International Convention and Exhibition Center / 高新管委会/绿地会展中心
Electronic City / 电子城
Northwest University of Political Science and Law / 西北政法大学
Qinling Wildlife Park / 秦岭野生动物园
Qujiang Scenic Area / 曲江旅游区
Sanqiao / 三桥
Second road of Fengcheng / Fengcheng Erlu / 凤城二路
Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center / 陕西省体育训练中心
Xian hotel near International Exhibition Center / 国展中心
Tangdu Hospital / 唐都医院
Terracotta Warriors Scenic Area / 兵马俑 临潼
Tumen / 土门
University of Electronic Science and Technology (North Campus) / 电子科技大学 (北校区)
University Town of Chang'an District / 长安区大学城
Xian City Library / 西安市图书馆
Xian Expo / 浐灞世园会
Xian Government / 西安市政府
Xian High-tech Industrial Development Zone / 高新技术开发区
Xian Jiaotong University (Yanta Campus) / 西安交大(雁塔校区)
Xian Jingwei Development Zone / 泾渭开发区
Xian North Railway Station / 火车北站
Xian TV Tower / 电视塔
Xian University of Electronic Science and Technology (South Campus) / 西安电子科技大学(南校区)
Xian Xianyang International Airport / 西安咸阳国际机场
Xijing College / 西京学院
Yanliang Xifei Base / 阎良西飞基地

Xian Hotel Tips

Hotel near Xian airport / Xian hotel for Chaning flight / Hotel for Xian layover tour

Xian hotel near Xianyang interntaional AirportThe airport of Xian is Xianyang International Airport. Part of travelers change flight in Xian and need a hotel near the airport. There are many good hotels near Xianyang International Airport.   

Being a light luxury hotel, Regal Airport Hotel Xian is located around 100 meters west of T3 Terminal. Chinese name: 西安咸阳国际机场空港大酒店, telephone: 029-38011111. Shuttle bus is not necessary if you will change flight in Terminal 3, because you can walk there within 2 minutes.

Another recommended hotel is Airport Business Hotel ( 西安空港商务酒店 机场店 ), which is a 3 star comfort hotel not far from Terminal 2. Above two hotels offers daily breakfast and shuttle bus to airport.
Please contact Beijingservice if you need to met by shuttle from airport to hotel. formmail.htm

Hotel near Xian train station

here are two train stations often be used, 1st one is Xian Station, 2nd one is Xian north station.

Xian station is located in downtown Xian, south of Daming Palace Relic Park, very closed to Xian Bus Station. Minxing Boutique Hotel (陕西民幸精品酒店, tel: 029-88890222 ) is suggested if you need a comfortable hotel. Mercure Xi'an on Renmin Square (西安美居人民大厦 029-87928888 ) and Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel (西安古都文化大酒店) are suggested if you need a light luxury hotel. Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel Xian(西安索菲特传奇酒店 029-87928888 ) is recommended if you need super deluxe accommodation.

Xian North Station is around 20km north of Xian downtown, maily for the speed train to and from Xian. MEHOOD HOTELS(Adiminstration center) / 美豪酒店(西安行政中心高铁北客站旗舰店 029-68520888 ) is a 4 star level hotel, around 4km to the north station. The hotel offers good hardware and very good service. Tian Ding Hotel (西安天鼎酒店 tel: 029-83664018、83664019 ) is a good choice if you are on business trip. The hotel is around 4 km to Xian North Station.

Hotel near International Conference and Exhibition Center (国展中心)

Xian International Exbibition Center is located within Xian South Thrid Ring Road, not far from Xian Normal University. Meilinhod 美丽豪酒店(西安曲江大雁塔会展中心店 029-85350000 ) is just stand by the exhibition center, which is very convenient for travelers to take part in the conference or exhibition. Ramada Plaza xian south (西安曲江华美达广场酒店 029-65689154 )is recommended if you need a luxury hotel.

Conference service and facility in Xian hotel

Conference or meeting service and facility are available in 4 star or 5 star hotel of Xian. The conference room is available from 5 people to 500 people. Paper, pencil, projector, computer, coffee or tea break can be provided upon request. Please contact Beijingservice if you will have a conference in Xian, we will arrange the details for you.

Tour start from Xian hotel

Most Xian tour start from lobby in downtown Xian, so a downtown located hotel is the best choice for Xian sightseeing. In the evening before tour date, our Xian local tour guide will leave a message to travelers room. On the morning of tour date, tour guide will catch a sign with travelers name in hotel lobby at appoint time.

Breakfast in Hotel of Xian

Xian hotel breakfast4 star and 5 star hotel offers western style breakfast. 3 star hotel mainly offers Chinese breakfast, some hotels offers bread, milk and bread. Most hostels or 2 star hotel offers only Chinese breakfast. Please make clear whether daily breakfast is included in your hotel cost.

Lunch and Dinner of Xian hotel

Most hotels offers dinning service except accommodation. The price may be a little higher than a normal local restaurant, but the restaurant usually offers food with better quality. Part traveler prefer to arrange lunch or dinner in hotel, please inform us in advance when make reservation.

Book train tickets in Xian hotel

Part of hotel offers train ticket booking service. Train tickets start to be sold 30 days in advance. It is too late if you book a ticket several days later , unless the train you book is not popular. Beijingservice offers train tickets booking service, please send us your scanned copy of your passport as well as the tickets payment, we will deliver the train tickets to your hotel.

Book flight tickets in hotel of Xian

Flight tickets can be booked in most hotel of Xian. Travelers may show passport and pay cash to hotel and then issue the tickets. Most air tickets are E-ticket. Travelers may check in with passport. A printed itinerary is still suggested, which is helpful to remember the time and terminal.

Car rental from Xian Hotel

Xian car rental from hotelPart of business travelers or sightseeing travelers prefer to have a private car at disposal. A private car with driver is the best choice. After reservation and deposit, our driver and vehicle will pick up travelers from lobby of downtown hotel. Usually the car rental is available within 100 km and 8 hours on each day.

Payment for Xian hotel reservation.

Most hotel can be paid in hotel in cash or via credit card. Part of hotel needs to be guaranteed by Credit Card. Popular hotel or reservation during peak season needs prepayment. Beijingservice.com accept prepayment via Bank, Alipay, Wechat, Credit Card or PayPal.

Information needed to book a Xian hotel.

Number of Travelers:__________
Name on Passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Number of Rooms: __________
Room type: __________
Check in date: __________
Check in time: __________
Check out date: __________
Check out time: __________
Your preferred payment method: __________ ( Wechat, Alipay, Bank, Credit Card, PayPal, cash )

Transfer service from airport to Xian hotel

There is taxi in Xianyang Airport, although travelers needs to wait in line for sometime. The taxi is not big enough when there is more than 3 travelers. So part of travelers reserved transfer service from Xian Xianyang International Airport to hotel in Xian. Please send us the following information if you needs to arrange a airport hotel transfer service.
Arrival date: __________
Arrival flight: __________
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign:__________
Hotel name and telephone number: __________
The following information is needed if you need the transfer service from hotel to airport.
Departure date: __________
Departue flight: __________
Departure time: __________
Xian Xianyang International airport is located 40 km north of Xian. Usually it needs around 90 minutes for sigle way transfer. It needs extra 40 minutes during rush hour.

Transfer service from train station to Xian hotel

Xian Train Station is located in downtown Xian, The transfer from this station to downtown hotel can be completed within 30 minutes. Xian North Railway Station is around 20 KM north of Xian city. Please leave 60 to 80 minutes for the tranfer.

Facility of Xian hotel

Xian hotel facilityMost 3 to 4 star hotel in Xian offers the follwoing hotel Service: Laundry service, Currency Exchange, Room service, Internet and Parking Service Business Centre, Bar, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Clinic Shopping, Chess and Card Room, Billiards Room, 4 to 5 star hotels also offers Fitness Room, Sauna, Banquet Facilities, Conference Room, swimming pool. The following facility can be found in room: Air conditioning, Satellite TV, Telephone, IDD, DDD, 4 or 5 star hotel also offers Mini Bar & In Room Safe.

Send flower to hotel in Xian

Many travelers asked Beijingservice to send flower or small gift to travelers in hotel of Xian. Please contact tour advisor of Beijingservice.com to arrange the details.

Check in and Check out processure of Xian hotel

Reservation of Xian hotel room need to be make in advance. After reaching hotel of Xian, travelers need to show passport to reception. Travelers will be requested to paid deposit via Credit Card or cash. The personal expensive will be deducted from the deposit when check out, rest amount of the deposit will be refunded. The reception will give you tickets of breakfast if it was included. Usually the check in time is after 14:00.

When you check out hotel, please go to reception before 12:00. Give your receipt of deposit and room key to reception The deposit will be returned to you after deducting the personal expense.

The method to find a good Xian Hotels?

Different hotel provides different service, although it is one of international Brand. There are so many hotels in Xian; it is important to choose a nice hotel with good price. It is a good idea to read travelers' feedback of the hotel before reservation. Or you may use the Xian Hotels recommended by Beijingservice Team. All of these hotels are recommended by travelers of Beijingservice and inspected by our team. We do not list all hotels in Xian. Only the hotels with good service and location are showed on our website. If you can not find a hotel to cater your need, please feel free to contact our Xian Hotel advisor to inform us your need on hotel. We will choose a hotel according to your request.

Xian hotel FAQ

Dear Jasper, thank you for confirm our private package tour in Xian. We reach Xian on eary morning. I know the check in the time is 12:00. Can i store my lugage at reception and pick it up in the afternoon when check in.

Xian hotel lobbyDear Susan, thank you for the message, yes, it is possible to store your luggage in the hotel till checking in. Or you may put your luggage on the van while you take sightseeing in Xian. Our driver will take care of your luggage.

We are two families, 4 adult and 3 child. We prefer to have two neighboring rooms. Can you arrange this for us ?

The neighboring rooms can not be 100% guarantee. But we will try, to range two rooms closed to each other.

We reserved your Xian join in bus tour to visit Terracotta Warriors. Shall we be met from our hotel lobby ? What time is it?

Thank you for this message. The hotel is located in downtown. Our tour coach will pick you from your hotel lobby. We will inform you the pick up time one day in advance via email.

We will change flight in Xian, we have 6 hour in Xian, can you find a room for us. We reach at 09:15am and will departure at 16:45. Can we have a room for half day.

Yes, we can arrange a hotel room near airport. Or you may take a Xian layover tour, we will pick you up from airport on the morning. After the half day tour in Xian, we will transfer you back to airport before 114:45.
number in China National Tourism Administration: L-BJ00767. Beijing ICP register No. 05015006