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Profile of China Tour

China tour photoChina is an amazing country. You will have chance to enjoy the profound Chinese culture during your China trip. Making a trip to China is easy because the flight is very convenient. Most travelers enter China from Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. The most popular itinerary is Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai. Hong Kong, Yangtze River Cruise and Tibet tour can be added upon travelers' request.

China Tour Map

The China tour map on the right side of the page list the location of China popular cities on map of China.

Popular China Private Tour

China popular tour is the best choice when you plan your first trip to China.

China Private Tour start from Beijing
China tour photoC1.Glance of China - 6 days China trip by overnight train
C2.Quick View of China - 6 days China tour by flight
C3.Classic China - 9 days classic tour to China
CT-BJ-01. China tour of Beijing Xian Shanghai
CT-BJ-02. China tour covers Beijing Xian Guilin and Shanghai
CT-BJ-03. China trip to visit Beijing Xian Lhasa and Shanghai
CT-BJ-04. China tour of Beijing Xian Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai
CT-BJ-05. China tour of Beijing Lhasa Xian Yangtze Shanghai
CT-BJ-07. Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Shanghai (13 days)
CT-BJ-10. China trip to discover Beijing Yangtze River and Shanghai (10 days)

China Private Tour start from Shanghai
CT-SH-02. China tour of Shanghai Chongqing Yangtze Yichang and Beijing (9 days)
CT-SH-03. Shanghai Guilin Beijing tour of China ( 10 days )
CT-SH-04. China tour of Shanghai Guilin Xian Beijing (11 days)
CT-SH-05. Shanghai Guilin Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Beijing and Shanghai tour of China (10 days)
CT-SH-13. China private journey covers Shanghai Yichang Yangtze Chongqing Xian Beijing (12 days)

China Private Tour Focused on Yangtze River Cruise
CT-YZ-01. China tour of Beijing Chongqing Yangtze Yichang and Beijing (8 days )
CT-YZ-06. Beijing Xian Lhasa Chongqing Yangtze River Yichang and Shanhaitour of China (15 days )
CT-YZ-08. China tour of Chongqing Yangtze River Cruise & Shanghai (9 days )
CT-YZ-13. China tour of Shanghai Chongqing Yangtze River and Yichang (6 days )
CT-YZ-15. Shanghai Yichang Yangtze Chongqing and Beijing tour in China (10 days )
CT-YZ-16. China private trip covers Shanghai Yichang Yangtze Chongqing Shanghai (8 days )
CT-YZ-17. China sightseeing trip of Xian Chongqing Yangtze Yichang (7 days )

  China Group Tour

China tour photoChina group tour offers shared vehicle, driver and guide to discover China.  The price of China join in group tour or China seat in coach tour is less expensive Than China private tour. 

CT-GT-01. Beijing Xian Shanghai 8 Days Group Tour by Flight
CT-GT-02. Beijing Xian Shanghai 8 Days Group Tour by Train

China Deep Private Tour

The following tours of China lead travelers to go beyond the popular city of China. 

China Deep Private Tour from Beijing
CT-BJ-09. China Ancient Capital and Tibet tour (12 days)
CT-BJ-11. China tour of Beijing Datong Taiyuan Pingyao Kunming Dali Lijiang Guilin and Shanghai (20 days)
CT-BJ-12. China tour of Beijing Dunhuang Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin and Shanghai (11 days)
CT-BJ-13. Beijing Guilin Yangshuo and Shanghai tour of China(9 days)
CT-BJ-14. China tour of Beijing Nanjing Suzhou Zhouzhuang Hangzhou and Shanghai (11 days)
CT-BJ-15. China journey to Beijing Urumqi Kashgar Turpan Dunhuang Xian Yangtze River and Shanghai (17 days)
CT-BJ-17. Beijing Xian Guilin and Hong Kong China tour (10 days)
CT-BJ-18. China trip of Beijing Xian Guilin Yangshuo Kunming Lijiang and Shanghai (14 days)
CT-BJ-19. China tour of Beijing Xian Guilin Yangshuo Nanjing Suzhou and Shanghai (13 days)
CT-BJ-20. China tour of Beijing Xian Guilin Chongqing Yangtze Yichang and Shanghai (13 days)
CT-BJ-21. China sightseeing tour of Beijing Xian Kunming Dali Lijiang and Shanghai (14 days)
CT-BJ-22. China tour covers Beijing Xian Lhasa Yangtze River Shanghai Guilin Yangshuo and Hongkong (19 days )
CT-BJ-23. China tour of Beijing Xian Lhasa Gyantze Shigatse Chongqing Yangtze River and Shanghai (17 days )
CT-BJ-24. China tour of Beijing Xian Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Dingri Everest Base Camp and Shanghai (17days)
CT-BJ-25. China sightseeing of Beijing Xian Lhasa Chongqing Yangtze River Cruise Yichang & Shanghai (17 days)
CT-BJ-27. China trip include Beijing Xian Luoyang and Shanghai sightseeing (11 days )
CT-BJ-28. China journey of Beijing Xian Shanghai Guilin Guangzhou and Hong Kong (14 days )
CT-BJ-29. China tour of Beijing Xian Nanjing Suzhou and Shanghai (11 days )
CT-BJ-30. Beijing Xian Shanghai Suzhou Yellow Mountain Guangzhou and Guilin tour of China (16 days )
CT-BJ-31. China tour of Beijing Yellow Mountain Shanghai Suzhou (6 days)
CT-BJ-32. 15 days China Silk Road tour of China
CT-BJ-33. 33 days Complete China tour

China Deep Tour start from Shanghai
CT-SH-01. China trip of Shanghai Beijing Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Hongkong (13 days)
CT-SH-06. Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Huangshan Beijing Xian and Hong Kong tour of China (12 days )
CT-SH-07. China private tour of Shanghai Kaifeng Luoyang Xian Beijing (12 days )
CT-SH-08. China tour of Shanghai Kunming Dali Lijiang Kunming (10 days )
CT-SH-09. China private trip include Shanghai Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Lhasa Beijing (11 days )
CT-SH-10. China tour of Shanghai Hangzhou Guilin Xian Lhasa Chongqing Yangtze Rive Beijing ( 17 days)
CT-SH-12. Shanghai Yangtze Lijiang Kunming Guilin Yangshuo and Hong Kong tour of China ( 14 days)
CT-SH-14. China private tour of Shanghai Yellow Mountain Beijing Guilin Yangshuo Hong Kong (11 days)
CT-SH-15. Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou Wuxi and Nanjing tour of China (6 days)

China Deep Tour Start from Hong Kong
CT-HK-01. Hong Kong Beijing Xian and Hong Kong tour of China (7 days)
CT-HK-02. China tour of Hong Kong Beijing Xian and Shanghai (13 days)
CT-HK-03. China private tour to Hong Kong Chongqing Yangtze Yichang and Beijing ( 8 days )
CT-HK-04. China private tour of Hong Kong Shanghai Yellow Mountain Beijing Hong Kong (9 days)
CT-HK-05. Hong Kong Guilin Yangshuo Kunming Lijiang Yangtze and Shanghai trip of China (11 days)
CT-HK-06. China holiday of Hong Kong Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Shanghai ( 9 days )
CT-HK-07. China tour of Hong kong Guilin Yangshuo Chongqing Yangtze River Shanghai Beijing (12 days)
CT-HK-08. Discovering Hong kong Guilin Yangshuo Shanghai Yangtze River Xian and Beijing of China ( 15 days )
CT-HK-09. China tour of Hong kong Guilin Yangshuo Shanghai Shaolin Temple Kaifeng Xian and Beijing (14 days)
CT-HK-10. Hong kong Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Xian Shanghai and Beijing sightseeing tour of China (12 days)
CT-HK-11. Discovering Hong kong Beijing Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Lhasa Xian and Shanghai of China (13 days )

China Deep Tour Start from Guangzhou
CT-GZ-01. China trip of Guangzhou Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Guangzhou (7 days )
CT-GZ-02. China private tour of Guangzhou Kunming Dali Lijiang Shanghai ( 12 days )
CT-GZ-03. Guangzhou Guilin Shanghai Xian and Beijing tour of China (14days)

China Deep Tour Focused on Yangtze River Cruise
CT-YZ-02. China tour of Beijing Huangshan Shanghai Yangtze River Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Hong kong (16 days )
CT-YZ-03. China sightseeing trip of Beijing (Wuhan) Yichang Yangtze River Chongqing Xian Shanghai (14 days )
CT-YZ-04. Beijing Xian Chongqing Yangtze Shanghai Guilin Guangzhou and Hong Kong tour of China (15 days )
CT-YZ-05. China private tour of Beijing Xian Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Wuhan Guangzhou Hong Kong (13 days )
CT-YZ-07. Discovering Beijing Xian Lhasa Chengdu Yangtze Shanghai Guilin and Hong Kong of China (21 days )
CT-YZ-09. China tour of Guilin Kunming Lijiang Chongqing Yangtze Yichang Beijing (14 days )
CT-YZ-10. Visiting China Hong Kong Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Chongqing Yangtze and Wuhan (8 days )
CT-YZ-11. China discovering trip of Hong Kong Guilin Yangshuo Chengdu Lhasa Gyantze Shigatse Yangtze Beijing
CT-YZ-12. China tour of Hong Kong Shenzhen Three Gorges Shanghai  (6 days )
CT-YZ-14. Shanghai Suzhou Yichang Yangtze Chongqing Xian and Beijing tour of China (14 days )

China Deep Tour Focused on Tibet
CT-LH-01. China discovering tour of Beijing Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Lhasa and Shanghai (11 days )
CT-LH-02. China private tour of Beijing Lhasa Shanghai (9 days )
CT-LH-03. China tour of Beijing Lhasa Tsetang Gyangtse Lhasa Xian Guilin Hongkong (18 days )
CT-LH-04. Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin and Hongkong tour of China (14 days )
CT-LH-05. China tour of Beijing Urumqi Dunhuang Xian Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Lhasa Shanghai (20 days )
CT-LH-06. China trip of Beijing Xian Lhasa Tsetang Nyingchi Lhasa & Shanghai (15 days )
CT-LH-07. Hong Kong Guilin Chengdu Lhasa Gyantze Shigatse and Beijing tour of China (14 days )
CT-LH-08. China tour of Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse Lhasa (6 days )
CT-LH-09. China discovering trip to Lhasa Nyingchi Yangpachen Namtso Lhasa (7 days )
CT-LH-10. China tour of Shanghai Xian Lhasa Beijing (11 days )

China Muslim Tour
CT-Muslim-01. China Muslim tour of Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou (7 days )
CT-Muslim-02. Guangzhou Quanzhou and Beijing Muslim tour of China (7 days )
CT-Muslim-03. China Muslim trip covers Beijing and Yinchuan (7 days )
CT-Muslim-04. China Muslim tour of Beijing and Xian (7 days )

China Tour Tips

Top Cities and Attractions of China tour

China tour photoMost travelers are familiar with these attractions in top tourism city of China:
Beijing : Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Beijing Hutong, Xiushui Market, Capital Museum, National Museum, National Theatre, Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park (Bird Nest, Water Cube), Beihai Park, Panjiayuan Anti Market, 798 art Zone...Badaling Great Wall
Xian : Terracotta Warriors, Tomb of First Emperor of China, Shannxi History Museum, Ancient City Wall, Banpo Museum.
Guilin: Li River Cruise, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Ancient Banyan tree, Fubo Hill, Longsheng rice terraces.
Shanghai: Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Old street, Yu Market, Jade Buddha Temple, Huangpu River, The Bund, Nanjing Road, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Pudong area.
Yangtze River Cruise : fee the cruise on the top river of China, see Three Gorges Dam.
Zhouzhuang : Water town of China
Suzhou: Humble Administrator's Garden, Tiger Hill, Garden of the Master of the Nets, Lingering Garden.
Hangzhou: Ling Yin Temple, West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

Above cities and top attractions are enough if this is a your fist trip to China.

Popular Cities for China Journey Planning

Chin tour photoExcept above cites, Beijingservice also suggest travelers to discover the following cities. These cities are available when travelers prefer to take a deep tour of China.

Guangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Guiyang, Kaili, Chengdu, Chongqing, Yichang, Wuhan, Changsha,
Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macau, Fuzhou,
Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Huashan, Mt.Taishan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Luoyang,
Tianjin, Chengde,
Taiyuan, Pingyao, Datong,
Hohhot, Lanzhou, Xiahe, Wuwei, Zhangye,
Dunhuang, Hami, Urumchi, Turpan, Karshagar.

There are many other places to discover in China. Please contact our China tour advisor ( if you need us to tailor a China tour.

The Steps Of Reserving A China Tour

Looking at China tour page of to find a a China tour product.
Our tour advisor help travelers to tailor the tour itinerary according to travelers flight to China.
Travelers send scanned copy of passport and deposit to make reservation.
Beijingservice team arrange China tour details include vehicle, driver, guide, meal, train, flights and hotel.
Confirmation of China tour will be sent to travelers via email after all tour details arranged.
Invitation letter is available if travelers need it to apply Chinese Visa.
Tour guide information will be sent to travelers one day before arrival to China.
Enjoy your China traveling trip.
Travelers may fill in China tour feedback form at the end of each city.

Invitation Letter of China Tour

Some travelers needs Invitation letter to apply Chinese visa. Please send us the following information, which will be included on the letter. Please send us the scanned of your passport as well as the following information, then we will apply the Tibet Entry for you.

Chin tour photoNumber of travelers: __________
Gender: __________
Nationality: __________
Date of Birth: __________
Passport number: __________
Expire date of Passport: __________
Traveling date: __________
Telephone number of travelers: __________
Fax number of travelers: __________
Email number of travelers: __________
Career of travelers: __________

We will send the invitation letter after reservation and deposit.

Best season of China Tour

Most travelers regard Autumn and Spring as the best season of China tour, because it is not cold or hot.
For sure, each season has its' own beauty. It is great to see the Great Wall under Snow, West Lake in Rain, Summer Palace in hot Summer... The date you want to travel is the best date of China tour.

Beijingservice team can arrange different itinerary for different season. But please try to avoid Chinese public holiday when you plan a journey to China, unless you prefer to see how crowded in attractions of China during holiday.

Accommodation And Breakfast For China Tour

Beijingservice offers accommodation options 2 star hostel, 3 star comfortable hotel, 4 star standard superior hotel, 5 star deluxe hotel as well as super deluxe hotel.

Beijingservice suggest 4 star hotel for most travelers on China Journey. 4 star hotels offers good breakfast, environment and nice hardware. The staff of most 4 star hotels are professional and experienced. Most 4 star hotel is big enough to keep noise out of hotel to leave a quiet space for travelers, which is very important for assure a pleasant China tour.
For sure, the 3 star hotel we used are top level in 3 star field, part of them can compare with some four star hotel, but there is difference on breakfast, hotel size as well as the room quality.

Beijingservice team do not use hostel in the past in China trip package. But part of travelers prefer to use hostel because some good hostel offers unique experience, location and feeling, which make the China traveling quite different with a normal China tour.Now, Beijingservice select several good hostels in top cities of China.
Super deluxe hotel are available, which offers excellent hardware, location and service in tourism city of China. This kind of hotel is much expensive than normal 5 star hotel.

Except international standard hotel, Beijingservice also offers hotel with Chinese local style, such as a local courtyard hotel in Hutong area, comfortable hotel in Chinese garden style, deluxe hotel in Chinese imperial garden style.

Most breakfasts are arranged in hotel package. We prefer the hotel with both China and western style food when select hotels. Breakfast is important start for most travelers. Sometimes, travelers need to get up very early to connect flight or train to another city, we suggest travelers to take breakfast box as breakfast.
Beijingservice team select travel China accommodation each year to make sure all hotels provides good service and hardware.

Method to Connect Cities In China Trip

Flights is recommended between two cities. Airplane is the fastest method to move from one city to another one. Flight tickets can be bought when travelers make decision on traveling. Passport copy and deposit are needed for the reservation of flights. Most air tickets are E-tickets, which is possible for travelers to check in the airplane just with passport. Discover more details of China flights.

Bullet train and overnight train are also available in most cities of China. Bullet train offers another fast way to travel between two or several cities. Most bullet trains are new and comfortable. There are three kinds of seats on the bullet train, business, 1st and 2nd class. We suggest 1st class seats. Overnight train may save one night hotel accommodation, so it is also one of the method to connect two cities. Usually we use the train start in the evening and reach next city on early morning of next day. Travelers may start the tour after getting down the train.
Discover more details of China train tips.

Vehicle and Driver In Each City of China Tour

4 seats car, 9 seats van, 22 seats mini-bus, 45 seats coach and 55 seats coach are available in China. We will arrange vehicle according to number of travelers. All vehicle is in good condition with air-conditioning.

Part of on-line agent offers English speaking driver as tour guide. We do not operate China tour in this way. Beijingservice team only use tourism licensed vehicle and professional driver in China trip arrangement. Tour guide is another separate person. This make sure the driver can concentrate on driving, which is the most important.

Payment Method of China Tour

China tours needs deposit or prepayment when make reservation. Beijingservice team accept payment via AliPay, Wechat, Bank, Credit Card, or PayPal. Payment via Credit Card or PayPal needs extra handling fee. Payment amount over 1000USD is only available to be paid by Bank.
Pay by WechatPay by AliPay pay by master card pay by visa card pay by paypal pay by AmericanExpress card pay by Bank of China

China Tour Related Questions

Several China tour questions asked by travelers are listed as below.  Hope this is helpful when other travelres plan a trip to China.

Why Some Travel agent only accept credit card via personal Paypal account ? It is safe to pay them ?
The bank of China is strict with online payment to prevent credit card fraudulence. Only some big and normative travel agent accept online payment via credit, after sign contract with bank. But it is very easy to accept credit card via paypal, even you use personal paypal account. Don't use personal paypal account if you are not familiar with them.

There are so many travel agents in China, travelers can ask them before booking: Do you accept credit card online or via POS matchine ? If the answer is 'yes, but only via paypal". Then you can leave them alone. And some small travel agent only put a mobile phone and email, they even do not have an Address on their website. Don't pay them.

hello ms. tracy, my name is joani , and i will be traveling in your country soon. i have been in contact with rick shuler, and he has kindly shared your information with me. my friend and i would be interested in a China private tour of Beijing Xian and Shanghai. we reach Beijing with different flight, shuler reach Beijing on early morning, my flight reach Beijing at around 20:00, is this a problem ? on march 25, we wold like to be drop off at the cruise ship. we will need to be in a vehicle large enough to transport all of our luggage. i hope you will be able to help us and look forward to hearing from you soon. my travel friend is currently out of the country, and not due back for two more weeks, so i can provide you with additional information at that time if needed. thank you, joani ?
Dear Joani, thank you for traveling China with us. Please say hello to shuler. It it not a problem when you take different flight to Beijing. Please let us know the detailed flight info, we will send two separate private vehicle to do the airport transfer. At the end of the China tour, we will transfer you to international cruise port near Waigaoqiao area. Yes, we will arrange a 9 seats van for the transfer, which is big enough for your luggage. There is enough time to arrange this trip. Please send us scanned copy of passport after your friend come back, best regards, Tracy

Dear Tour Operator We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children (ages 11,8,8 at time of travel). We are interested in your China tour of Beijing Shanghai and Hong Kong. We are traveling from Australia. Can you please send me a quote for this tour, I would like to know the cost for the Luxury and the standard accommodation tour. We would need interconnecting rooms in all the hotels and trains on the itinerary as we do not wish to be seperated (If possible the twins can share a bed). Is this tour suitable for children? How safe is the train travel for families with young children? Do the train cabins have lockable doors if travelling overnight? Also is it possible to quote for a tour of just Beijing Shanghai and also of Hong Kong visiting all the major tourist destinations for the stay of about 5 -6 nights each, date and persons same as above. We can also visit Hong Kong first then fly to Beijing. I look forward to your reply, thank you for your help. Regards Kellie
Dear Kellie, Thank you for your email. Welcome to visit China. I can understand you, we will arrange interconnecting rooms or adjacent rooms for you, and we will arrange you in same cabin on train. The door of the cabin can be locked from inside. The train is safe fro child travel. But we still suggest flight because the flight is fast and comfortable. We suggest you entry China from Beijing, then visit Shanghai and then visit Hong Kong. As for hotel level, we suggest you to use a 4 star hotel. Please let us know the date you prefer to take this tour, then we will work out quotation and update you. best regards, Jasper

Dear Jasper, I have a group of 45 people to visit China include Beijing and Shanghai in September. But i can not visit China with this tour. Can you arrange a tour leader to take care of my clients. I will pay the extra hotel and flights. warm regards, Cathy
Dear Cathy, Thank you for your email. Yes, we can arrange the tour leader for this group. I will ask our experienced guide Sharon to take care of this tour to China. She will take care all tour details of the trip. Please send us the name list of the trip, then we will set up the tour. best regards, Jasper

tional Tourism Administration: L-BJ00767. Beijing ICP register No. 05015006