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Beijing Tour Tips   |  Tips of Beijing Trip

Beijingservice team list some tips for visiting Beijing. 
It is helpful to read these tips before your trip to this city.

The tips covers Great Wall tour tip,  one day Beijing tour tips, Beijing package tour tips, Beijing bus tour tips, Beijing tour tips from our tour advisor Tracy as well as 'how to visit Beijing?'.

Tips of Beijing Package Tour

Beijing package tour is welcomed by most travelers to Beijing.

Most Beijing package tour start from Beijing International Airport. When you take private package tour, private tour guide will meet you from waiting hall of airport. If you take group package, driver will meet you from ariport in time. Then you will be transferred to hotel in downtown Beijing.

Some travelers reach Beijing via demostic or international train, our tour guide will meet travelers from exit of Beijing Railway Station.

International cruise travelers reach Xingang Port of Tianjin, we can start the Beijing packae tour from Xingang Port with morning pick up by private tour guide and vehicle at around 08:30 am.

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Beijing  Great Wall Tour Tips

Which part of Great Wall is the most often to be visited?
Badaling Great Wall is welcomed by most travelers, because it is not far from downtown, around75 km.
And the wall of this section is grand, part of the wall was built on huge rock. And travelers may visit Ming Tombs on the way to Great Wall.  Beijingservice offers Badaling Great Wall tour routes, including both private and bus tour.

Another part of Great Wall is Mutianyu Great Wall,  which is located around 90 km northeast of Beijing city.  Mutianyu Great Wall tour is getting popular because it is not so crowded as Badaling Great Wall.  And it is possible to take Mutianyu Great Wall  one day tour

Jinshanling Great Wall is around 160 km to downtown Beijing, but this part of Great Wall is attracting more and more travelers because of its grand building and unique characters. Jinshanling Great Wall tour covers one day tour as well as package tour, which offer you a chance to stay overnight under Great Wall.

Gubeikou Great Wall is around 10 km northwest of Jinshanling Great Wall. Hiking tour of Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great Wall is very popular.  The hiking tour needs 4 hours waling on Great Wall.  But Gubeikou Great Wall tour is not so popular because the wall is far from downtown Beijing, and this part of Great Wall did not rebuilt till now. You may visit Gubeikou Great Wall if you are interested in visiting the ruined real Great Wall.  

Maps of Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall map , Mutianyu Great Wall map, Jinshanling Great Wall map, Gubeikou Great Wal map ,

Which part of Great Wall is less crowded?
Mutianyu Great Wall,   Jinshanling Great Wall, Guibeikou Great Wall are less crowded sections.

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Beijing  One Day Tour Tips

Part of travlers only have one day for sightseeing in Beijing,which is enough to see 2 or 3 tops attractions of Beijing.
Beijing one day tour covers Beijing private one day tour, Beijing join in bus one day tour.   The private tour offers more comfort and flexibility; join in Beijing tour offers the best price.

Most one day Beijing tour may start from your hotel lobby. We need accurate address and your mobile phone number if you stay in an apartment. Out tour guide will get in touch with you in advance to re-confirm the pick up time and pick up place. Yes, we can pick you up from airport, train station or Xingang Port based on extra cost and deposit or prepayment. Please contact our tour advisor if you need to start Beijing one day tour out of downtown area.

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Tips of Beijing Bus Tour

Beijing bus tour is an inexpensive way to travel Beijing. 

Beijing bus tour include Beijing join in bus tour of tour company (join in daily departure tour coach) and  Beijing public bus tour to visit Beijign via public bus, subway or taxi.

If you prefer to join in a daily departure coach tour, then it is easy. Travelers just read the itinerary and pay the cost to tour operator in advance.

If prefer to discover the city by public bus, then you need to look at the bus routes of Beijing in advance. Or you may hire an English speaking tour guide to lead you to discover the city on bus. The public bus card is helpful if you prefer to discover the city via bus.

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 Theme Tour Available in Beijing

Unique tour designed by Beijingservice team is listed as below.  Travelers may choose one type of tour according to interest.

Beijing Tour Tips from Tracy

Tracy of Beijingservice teamHi, dear friends!
I am Tracy Lee and work in Beijingservice team. 
I'd like to share some Beijing tour tips when i arrange tours for our clients.

Beijing Cuisine Tips
When we talk about Beijing tour, we must talk about the cuisines in Beijing first. Old Beijing snack is very famous and favored by local Chinese and foreigners. You can taste the different and delicious old Beijing snack on the Snack Street, such as Wangfuijing Snack Street, Donghuamen night Snack Street, Longfusi Snack Street and Ghost Street (Guijie). You can taste several special snacks that you never hear and never taste, like Shao-Mai (Shao Mai), Fried Pork Tripe (Bao Du), Fried Rings (Tang Er Duo), soybean cake and pea cake (Lv Dou Gao), Boiled Sheep's Head (Bai Shui Yang Tou), Mung Bean Milk (Dou Jiang), Fried Liver (Chao Gan) and Filled Sausage (Guan Chang) and so on. Local persons especially elders like them very much.

Except local snacks, you can taste the top class delicacies food in Beijing in high-class Chinese restaurants and western restaurants. The most famous of local flavor is Beijing Roast Duck. There are two famous time-honored brands. One is Qunjude Roast Duck restaurant and the other is Bianyifang Roast Duck restaurant.

Bianyifang was opened in 1416 and it is earlier than Quanjude. The difference between two restaurants is that Bianyifang is hang-grilled Roast Duck and Quanjude is stew-grilled duck. Eating Peking duck is seen to be one of the two things you are absolutely supposed to do while in Beijing. If this is the first time you visit Beijing, how cannot you miss to taste it? So have a taste and you will never forget its flavor.

Beijing Accommodation Tips
Accommodation is one of the important parts for Beijing travel. If you like to stay in the comfortable hotels, you can choose some international luxury hotels like Sheraton, Hilton, Marriot and so on. If you like to save money and you can stay in the cheaper hotels like 4 star, 3 star and 2 star hotels.

You can easily choose hotels according to your budget. If you are a backpacker, it is really a good choice to stay in a clean hostel like No. 161 hostel, Qianmen Hoste... Just remember that there will be one hotel suitable for you.

There are 3 hotels in Beijing which have more than 100 year's history. One is Beijing hotel which was built in 1900 by French people, one is six country hotel (current name is Huafeng hotel) which was built in 1905 and lay a foundation by British people, and another is Dongfang hotel which was built in 1918 by Chinese people.

In ages of 20-30 of the last Century, the upper ten including statesman in political circles, commercial magnate and cultural celebrity like to check in Dongfang hotel. It is a 3 star hotel located in the downtown and it is really better choice for accommodation when you visit Beijing.

Accommodation near Great Wall is also possible, Beijingservice selected hotels near Great Wall, which is possible for travelers to visit Great Wall on early morning or late in the afternoon.

Beijing Airports Tips
Beijing has two airports. And most foreigners just know the Capital International airport which has 3 terminals. And the other airport is Nanyuan airport in south fourth ring road which was most used for avion. Sometimes, it is used for some domestic flights. If you come to Beijing from abroad, you must arrive in Beijing Capital International airport.

Beijing Train Station Tips
There are three big train stations; they are Beijing railway station, Beijing west railway station and Beijing south railway station.

High speed train is available from 2010. You can take train from Beijing to other cities for travel one or two days or more and then return back by train. Transportation is very convenient under the government's management. Our government advocated people to go out by bus or subway. Now more and more people choose bus and subway instead of private car. This is to allay the traffic jam and Air Pollution. And we will see the Beijing's sky will be much bluer.

Subway and Bus Tips in Beijing
Subway and bus is very cheap here. It is only 2 RMB (Chinese Yuan) to take the subway and 0.4RMB to take the buses for short distance if you have a bus card. If you have not the bus card, it is 1RMB for short distance.

Old and New Beijing
Beijing is a famous city with hundred years' history. And there is much old architecture worth to visit. It is so lucky if you have chance to visit Beijing. If this is the first time for you to visit Beijing and only have 2-3 days, we highly recommend you to take the golden itinerary which will take two full days including Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace.

If you have more times, visit Beijing ancient Hutong is another better choice. You can take a rickshaw to enjoy the Hutong view and culture. Hutong likes a cyclopaedia. It reflects historical evolution and shows social amorous feelings. Visit the ancient village in the suburb will let you know desolation and lustration is another kind of beauty.

Except the old things, there are also many modern things here like Bird Nest and Water Cube, the" egg"- National Performing Arts Center also named National Grand Theater, new CCTV Building, 798 art factory and so on.

Shopping Tips in Beijing
Let us talk about the shopping in Beijing. It is a pity if you do not take some special local products back to your home. It is advisable to buy some silk, pearl, Jade and tea in Beijing. They are in first-class quality and I am sure they are must much cheaper than your country. Why do not you take some if you like? You can also select some carpet and cloisonné jewelry or vase in the factory or in the mall or in the market.

There are three famous markets named Xiushui Market, Yaxiu Market and Hongqiao Market. You can bargain in these markets. I advise you to buy Jade and cloisonné in the factory. It is much cheaper than mall and they are truer. When you see the arts in the factory, you will say one word that is "amazing". You will see workers how to make it. It is difficult and a little dangerous. In Jade and cloisonné factory, if workers are not careful, their figures may be hurt by machines.

Night life Tips of Beijing
Amusement and night life is rich and colorful in Beijing. You can enjoy a body massage or foot massage or take the Hotspring when you feel a little tired. If you do not know how to wile away the time, you can go to the KTV with several friends. Some KTV offer lunch and dinner. You can sing there for a whole day if you like.
Nightlife is even more colorful. Either have a cup of coffee in the coffee shop, or meet new friends in the ball, or indulge yourself in a film….there are non-stop activities to have fun, fun and more fun! Just be your self and rejuvenate your way!

When we mention the night life in Beijing, we must talk about Sanlitun Bar Street also named Ghost Street. There are many small or large bars in Sanlitun. So we call it bar street. There are many persons especially foreigners. Someone sing, someone drink, and someone just seats there and looks at others quietly. Release your press and worry in the bar is a better choice. Of course, do not drink too much drinks. Except it will waste your money and it will also hurt your body health.

Another way to spend the night time is to enjoy a show, such as Peking Opera, Acrobatic show, Kungfu show, and the show of Beijing night and so on. Amusement and night life will make your stay in Beijing as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

I have lived in Beijing more than 10 years and I like Beijing so much! She changes everyday. I sincerely invite you to come to Beijing. And I am sure Beijing trip will let your life no pity. The amazing culture wealth, history and natural beauty of this dynamic city will let you have a different memory in your life. When you return home, you will enjoy the fantastic experience of this Beijing trip. So, dear friends, come on! Wait for you here in Beijing!
China Tour Advisor
in Beijing China

How to visit Beijing

Beijingservice always suggest travelers to visit Beijing try to avoid the public holiday of China. Because most top attractions are very crowded during the public holiday. According to experience, part of travelers have to visit Beijing during the holiday.

There is resolution to arrange a pleasant trip for travelers during public holiday.

For the top attractions in downtown, such as Forbidden City, we suggest travelers to get up early to wait in line before its opening. It is not very crowded when you are one of the first batch of travelers.

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