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discover popular attractions in Lhasa

  • Lhasa tour lead you to discover this mysterious capital city of Tibet with private tour or join in group trip.


    Lhasa tour offers you a tour package to discover the capital city of Tibet. Most Lhasa trip covers vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee, meal and hotel accommodation. Potala Palace is the must visit place in Lhasa journey.

    Tibet Visit Permission should be prepared before your Lhasa tour.

Photo of Lhasa Tour

  • Lhasa tour photo covers image of Potala Palace and travelers in Lhasa sightseeing trip.


  • Lhasa tour is called '拉萨旅游' in Chinese and 'Un voyage à Lhassa' in French. It refers to culture and scenery discovering journey in downtown and suburb of Lhasa.

    Lhasa is abundant with tourism resources. Natural scenery, local customs, religious culture and religious buildings attracts millions of travelers from every corner of the world in each year.

    Potala Palace (布达拉宫) is the number one attraction in Lhasa trip. Being the holy place in the heart of Tibetans, Potala Palace is the largest existing place style building in Lhasa and Tibet area.

    It is convenient to visit Lhasa from main tourism cities of China. Train is available, but flight is suggested to visit Lhasa from other cities.
    Lhasa 4 days tour is the most popular Lhasa tour itinerary, and it is often used in China trip including Tibet visiting.


  • Discovering the capital city of mysterious Tibet.
  • Professional Lhasa local tour operator.
  • Experienced vehicle and local guide team.
  • Experience the culture and customs of Tibet.
  • Convenient flight between Lhasa and main tourism cities of China.
  • Never failed in getting the Tibet Entry Permission.

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    Lhasa Tour Tips

    • Please leave enough time for arranging Tibet Entry Permission, one month in advance is suggested.
    • You are suggested to follow the advice of tour guide when visit religious places in Lhasa.
    • The entry tickets of Potala Palace needs to be reserved in advance based on your passport information.
    • Ultraviolet rays are strong in Lhasa, sunscreen measures should be considered during Lhasa sightseeing.
    • Tibet Entry Permission

      All foreign travelers needs Tibet Entry Permission(TEP) before reaching Lhasa. Your passport information, number of travelers, occupation and contact information are needed to handle the document.

      Beijingservice team suggest you to provide the information for TEP one month before Lhasa sightseeing. The TEP will be delivered to the previous city before Lhasa.

      Top Attractions

      Most Lhasa tour top attractions are religion related. Located within downtown Lhasa, they are easy to be visited by all travelers.
      The top attractions of Lhasa covers : Potala Palace / 布达拉宫, Sera Monastery / 色拉寺, Norbulingka Park / 罗布林卡, Drepung Monastery / 哲蚌寺, Jokhang Temple / 大昭寺, Barkhor Street bazaar / 八角街,
    • Classic Itinerary

      Lhasa 4 days tour is the first choice for Lhasa sightseeing trip. It covers Lhasa airport transfer, two full days accommodation and hotel accommodation.

      Day 1. Entry Lhasa, Nietang Buddha. Overnight in Lhasa.
      Day 2. Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Norbulingka Park, Local family. Overnight in Lhasa.
      Day 3. Drepung Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street bazaar. Overnight in Lhasa.
      Day 4. Departure. Lhasa tour end.

      Tour Type

      Lhasa private tour and join in group tour are both available.
      Private tour offers private vehicle, driver, private local guide, admission fee and hotel accommodation.
      Traveling with Lhasa join in group tour, you will share tour coach, driver and tour guide with other English speaking travelers.

    Lhasa Tour Note

    • Winter is not a good season to travel Lhasa.
    • You are not suggested to wear hats or step on threshold when visit Potala Palace or other Buddhism Temple.
    • No photos allowed in all Lhasa temples.
    • Don't take strenuous exercise after your arrival at Lhasa, be careful of the altitude stress.
    • Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not recommended to participate in Lhasa trip
    • Try to avoid visiting Lhasa during the first week of May or October.
    • Do not make the Lhasa tour time too hurry if you prefer to tailor a Lhasa tour itinerary.

    Lhasa Tour FAQ

    • What time should we plan our Lhasa trip ?
    • You are suggested to plan your Lhasa journey 2 to 6 month in advance.

    • What time shall we be met from hotel on each day of Lhasa tour ?
    • The usual pick up time is 09:00 am after breakfast. Please follow the advice of tour guide if you are updated with a new pick up time.

    • Is it possible to tailor our Tibet tour itinerary ?
    • Yes, it is possible to tailor the visiting itinerary before final confirmation of your Lhasa trip. You may submit your request or interests to Lhasa tour advisor at the beginning of communication.
    • Is it possible to travel Lhasa via train ?
    • Yes, it is possible to reach Lhasa via train. But the train tickets is not easy to get. We do not suggest train because of the uncertainty on ticketing. You have to change to flight if train tickets not available. And it takes more than 40 hours to reach Lhasa via train from Beijing. We suggest travelers to travel Lhasa via plane.
    • Start

      Most Lhasa travelers start their trip from Lhasa Kongga International Airport(拉萨贡嘎机场, IATA:LXA,ICAO:ZULS ), which is around 90 km south of Lhasa City.

      Nietang Buddha, the biggest stone statues engraved on a cliff, is possible to be visited on the way to downtown Lhasa.

      Few travelers start their trip from Lhasa Railway Station.

      Tour Length

      Most travelers visit Lhasa within 4 days, just same with the above classic itinerary.
      It is available to arrange a deep tour to include some unique attractions to make a 5 to 10 days Lhasa tour. Please contact us to tailor a deep Lhasa trip.

      Best Lhasa Travel Season

      May, June, July, August, September and October is the best traveling season of Lhasa journey. Please try to avoid the first week of May and first week of October, because it is the public holiday of local people. The end of May to the beginning of June and October 8 to the end of the month is the best of the best season.
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