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Beijing Kongfu Tour Profile

Chinese Kongfu ShowBeijing Kongfu tour refers to Beijing local tour products include popular attractions visiting as well as learning Chinese Kongfu. In Chinese, this tour is called '中国功夫北京学习之旅' or '北京功夫主题旅游'.

Learning Chinese Kongfu is getting popular. Many travelers come to China to learn Chinese Kongfu. Beijingservice combine Chinese Kongfu learning with Beijing sightseeing.

Beijing Kongfu Tour Type

Please click the following tour type or shorts to reach the corresponding tour type of this page.
- Packaged Chinese Kongfu study tour to Beijing
- One day Chinese Kongfu study tour in Beijing
- Enjoy Chinese Kongfu by local Martial Artist
- Beijing Half day Kongfu learning trip
- Beijing join in tour of Chinese Kongfu
- Beijing layover tour of Chinese Kongfu
- Beijing Kongfu tour tips
- Beijing Kongfu tour frequently asked question

Beijing Chinese Kongfu Learning Tour Products

Beijingservcie designed Beijing Kongfu tour products based on above tour types:

Packaged Kongfu Study Tour to Beijing

Packaged Kongfu Study Tour to Beijing Beijingservice designed 10 days Chinese Kongfu tour for Chinese Kongfu fans. 15 to 25 Chinese Kongfu classes is included in the package. The number of class is subject to change based on the data from training organization.
BJ-PH-01Kongfu.  Beijing package tour to learn Chinese Kongfu
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One Day Kongfu Tour in to Enjoy Chinese Kongfu Performance by Beijing Local Chinese Martial artist

Be met from hotel in Beijing.
Drive to a local county of Beijing.
Enjoy the Chinese Tachi, Stick Kongfu, Tai Chi Sword by local Chinese Martial artist.
Drive to visit Gubeikou Great Wall.
Be transferred back to hotel after the tour.

One Day Kongfu Tour in Beijing

Temple of Heaven If you are just interested in Chinese Kongfu, then you may just taste 40 minutes of class for Chinese Kongfu(Tachi).
Other time of the day can be used for sightseeing to popular attractions of Beijing.
BJ-PO-01Kongfu. Beijing one day Kong fu tour of Tiananmen Square, Beijing Hutong, Chinese Kongfu study, Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-PO-02Kongfu. Beijing 1 day trip of Beijing Hutong, Chinese Kongfu study, Badaling Great Wall and Olympic Park
BJ-PO-03Kongfu. Beijing 1 day Kongfu tour to visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven include Chinese Kongfu study
BJ-PO-04Kongfu. 1 day Beijing Kongfu tour of Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Chinese Kongfu study and Beijing Hutong
BJ-PO-05Kongfu. Beijing one day private tour of Imperial College, Confucius Temple, Beijing Hutongand Lama Temple include Chinese Kongfu Study Chinese Kongfu study
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Half day Kongfu (Tachi) learning trip to Beijing

BJ-PF-01Kongfu. Beijing half day Kongfu tour of Beijing Hutong and short Chinese Kongfu study
BJ-PF-02Kongfu. Beijing half day Kongfu trip of Tiananmen Square and short Chinese Kongfu study
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Beijing layover tour of Chinese Kongfu (Tachi)

BJ-PL-01Kongfu. Hutong, Kongfu study (40 minutes, Tachi) and Mutianyu Great Wall 1 day layover tour
BJ-PL-02Kongfu. Hutong, Kongfu study (40 minutes, Tachi), Badaling Great Wall & Olympic Park layover tour
BJ-PL-03Kongfu. Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Kongfu study (40 minutes, Tachi) one day layover tour
BJ-PL-04Kongfu. Summer Palace, Kongfu study (40 minutes, Tachi) and Hutong 1 day layover trip
BJ-PL-05Kongfu. Imperial College, Confucius Temple, Hutong, Kongfu study (40 minutes) 1 day layover tour
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Beijing Evening Tour Include Chinese Kongfu

BJ-PE-03. Beijing evening excursion of Roast Duck Dinner and Kongfu Show
BJ-PL-23. Beijing evening layover tour of Kongfu Show from airport (4-5 hours )
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Beijing Seat In Coach Tour Include Chinese Kongfu

Seat in coch Chinese Kongfu Show will be arranged in Hong (Red) Theater after join in day tour of Beijing.
It is also possible to only reserve join in Kongfu tour in the evening.
BJ-ST-15. Beijing join in day tour of Mutianyu Wall, Tiananmen, Forbidden City & Chinese Kongfu Show
BJ-ST-19. Beijing join in evening tour of Chinese Kongfu Show

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Tips of Beijing Kongfu Learning Trip

Itinerary Beijing Packaged Kongfu Study Tour

The itinerary of Beijing packaged Kongfu tour combines Chinese Kongfu study and sightseeing. If the 1st day is study, then the sightseeing will be arranged on second day. This arrangement make the trip interesting and not tired. Example of 10 days Chinese Kongfu Tour Itinerary:
Day 2. Be met by tour guide and vehicle and transfer to classroom. Enjoy 5 lessons of Kongfu. Transfer back to hotel in the afternoon. (Breakfast)
Day 3. Be met by driver and vehicle, transfer to classroom. Enjoy 5 lessons of Kongfu. Transfer back to hotel in the afternoon. (Breakfast)
Day 4. One day private tour of Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. (Breakfast, Lunch)
This tour is no available on Monday.
Day 5~Day 6. Be met by driver and vehicle, transfer to classroom. Enjoy 5 lessons of Kongfu. Transfer back to hotel in the afternoon. (Breakfast)

Time of each Kongfu Learning Class

Wangfujing StreetIt subject to change based on different class or school. The time of each class is around from 40 to 60 minutes.

Feature of Beijing Chinese Kongfu Study Tour

Beijing Kongfu study tour combines China Kongfu study and sightseeing trip to location attractions. Class is different based on travelers Kongfu level. There are different kind of Kongfu, we will tailor the class based on travelers request. One to one training and join in class are both available. Training school name, address and coach info will be informed to travelers before tour date.

Attractions Covered in Beijing Kongfu Learning Trip

Packaged Beijing Kongfu tour covers all popular attractions if your study trip is above 5 days in Beijing. The popular attractions covers: Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Olympic Park, Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong.

About Chinese Kongfu

Kung Fu, also known as Chinese Kung Fu, is another name for "martial arts". The technology orientation is "stopping the invasion". Kung Fu is the embodiment of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese Kongfu pays attention to both rigid and soft, both internal and external, both rigid and beautiful, more elegant and profound connotation Is a valuable cultural heritage accumulated by the Chinese working people for a long time. The well known Chinese Kongfu includes Shaolin, Taiji, Xingyi and Wing Chun, etc. Chinese Kung Fu has a wide influence in the world, such as the Chinese and foreign film and television with a theme of Chinese Kung Fu At present, the Chinese traditional kungfu is very popular in and out of China.

Time to reserve Beijing Kongfu Tour

Beihai ParkWe suggest to make reservation as early as possible, especially for the 10 days packaged Kongfu tour. We need to tailor the itinerary and class based on the kongfu kinds and level requested by travelers.

Payment of Beijing Kongfu Tour

Beijing packaged Kongfu tour needs prepayment 1 month in advance. Beijingservice team accept payment via Bank, Alipay, Wechat, Credit Card and PayPal.

Information Needed to Book Beijing Kongfu Tour

Please send us the following information to book Kongfu trip to Beijing:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred Kongfu kind: __________
Your present kongfu level: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Emails & Question of Beijing Kongfu Study Tour

Dear Jasper, Thank you for the itinerary of Chinese Kongfu tour of Beijing Henan and Shanghai for us. We have one question, is the kongfu in Beijing same with Shaolin Temple? Which place do you suggest if we will stay one week to study the Chinese Kongfu? Thank you, Robin

Dear Robin, thank you for your email. Beijing and Henan is famous for different kinds of Kongfu. In Beijing, the Kongfu is mainly include Taichi and Xingyi. In Henan, Shaolin Kongfu is well known. Please read some words on these two kinds of Kongfu, and let us know which one you prefer. best regards, Jasper

Hello, we are very interested in Chinese Martial arts very much. But we do not have time to study. We are not interested in the Kongfu performance in theater. Can you arrange a one day trip to enjoy the real Chinese Martial arts by local Chinese people? thank you, Erik

Dear Erik, thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to arrange the one day Chinese Kongfu trip in Beijing. We can arrange a private Chinese Kongfu / Martial Arts for you, not in theater. You may find the how the local people exercise the Chinese Kongfu. The trip need to be reserved one month in advance. best regards, Jasper

Hello Jasper, hope you are well. We will visit China again. I did not inform you in the past, i am very interested in Chinese Kongfu and Free Attaching. Can you arrange a Beijing Kongfu tour? I know the CKF will be held in Beijing, can you help to sign me in ? At the same time, i am very interested to learn some Chinese martial arts, is this possible? Joseph

Dear Joseph, thank you for your email. Welcome to visit China again. Please send us your profile and details data, then we will contact CKF. Yes, it is possible to learn Chinese martial arts. Please let us know your arrival and departure date, then we will send you further details. regards, Jasper

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