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Beijing Mountaineering Tour Profile

Mountain tour to BeijingBeijing mountaineering tour, also called mountain climbing tour, refers to tour products covers mountain climbing and popular attractions of Beijing. In Chinese, mountain climbing is called '登山' or '爬山', so the the Beijing tour products include mountain climbing is called '北京登山旅游' or '北京登山之旅'. There are many mountains in and near Beijing, which is around 1 to 3 hours' driving from downtown Beijing. Beijing Mountain climbing tour is a good choice for mountain climbing fans or young travelers. Most mountain climbing tours needs box lunch.

Beijing Mountaineering Tour Type

Beijing Mountaineering package tour
Beijing one day Mountaineering tour
Beijing half day Mountaineering tour
Beijing layover Mountaineering tour

Beijing Mountaineering Tour Products

Mountain tour to Beijing

Beijing Private Packaged Mountaineering Tour

Beijing mountaineering package tour covers airport transfer, vehicle, driver, tour guide, hotel, admission fee, meal, parking and fuel. The packaged mountaineering tour is the best choice for mountain climbing fans.
BJ-PH-01Mountain. Beijing 4 days mountain climbing tour
BJ-PH-02Mountain. 5 days Beijing mountain Hiking tour
BJ-PH-03Mountain. Beijing 6 days private package tour include mountain visiting
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Beijing One Day Mountaineering Tour

Mountain tour to Beijing
The following itinerary covers one day mountain climbing trip from Beijing.  The trip start and end in hotel of downtown Beijing.
BJ-PO-01Mountain. Mt. Lingshan one day climbing tour
BJ-PO-03Mountain. Beijing Mt. Yunmeng one day climbing tour
BJ-PO-04Mountain. Beijing Mt.Baihua one day mountaineering tour
BJ-PO-06Mountain. Beijing Mt. Miaofeng one day mountaineering trip
BJ-PO-08Mountain. One day Beijing mountaineering tour to Fragrant Hill
BJ-PO-09Mountain. 1 day mountaineering trip to Mt. Yangtai
BJ-PO-10Mountain. Beijing one day mountaineering tour to Mt. Mangshan
BJ-PO-11Mountain. Beijing one day climbing excursion to Mt. Yudu
BJ-PO-12Mountain. One day Beijing climbing trip to Mt. Haituo
BJ-PO-13Mountain. Beijing one day mountaineering trip to Mt. Baiwang
BJ-PO-14Mountain. One day Beijing climbing tour to Tianmen Mountain
BJ-PO-15Mountain. Beijing one day mountaineering trip to Hongluo Temple
BJ-PO-07Mountain. Beijing One day mountaineering tour to Mt. Shangfang
BJ-PO-17. Beijing Mountain Hiking Tour to Badachu and Fragrant Hill
BJ-PO-02Mountain. Mt. Wuling one day mountaineering tour from Beijing. (2 days one night)
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Beijing Half Day Mountaineering Tour

Beijing half day mountain climbing tour make it possible to climb mountain near Beijing with 4 hours.
BJ-PF-01Mountain. Beijing Half day climbing tour to Jingshan to have a bird view of Forbidden City
BJ-PF-02Mountain. Beijing half day climbing trip to Fragrant Hill
BJ-PF-03Mountain. Beijing half day mountaineering trip to Mt.Xishan
BJ-PF-04Mountain. Beijing half day mountaineering trip to Badachu
BJ-PF-05Mountain. Beijing half day mountaineering trip to Mt.Yangtai
BJ-PF-06Mountain. Beijing half day mountaineering trip to Mt.Mangshan
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Beijing Mountaineering Layover Tour

Mountain tour to Beijing Several mountains near Beijing can be visited start from airport. Travelers will be transferred back to airport or downotwn hotel after the layover mountain trip. It is also possible to pick up travelers from downotwn hotels and end the tour in airport.
BJ-PL-01Mountain. Beijing Fragrant Hill layover tour from Airport
BJ-PL-02Mountain. Beijing Mt.Mangshan layover tour from Airport
BJ-PL-03Mountain. Beijing Badachu layover tour from Airport
BJ-PL-04Mountain. Beijing Hongluo Temple layover tour from Airport
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Tips of Beijing Mountaineering Tour

Classic Beijing Mountaineering Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Climb Fragrant Hill on the morning, Visit Summer Palace in the afternoon. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, Jingshan Hill, Beihai Park. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Mutianyu Great Wall, Hongluo Temple and Hongluo Mountain. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 5. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Feature of Beijing Mountaineering Tour

Mountain tour to BeijingBeijing Mountain Climbing tour is often be taken in Spring or Autumn.
Most Mountains in Beijing are 1 to 3 hours from downtown area.
Boxed lunch is suggested when visit a big mountain.
Beijing Mountaineering tour is often used by young travelers.

The English and Chinese name of main Mountain in Beijing

Mt. Mountain Beijing / 灵山
Mt. Wuling / 雾灵山
Mt. Yunmeng Beijing / 云蒙山
Mt. Baihua / 百花山
Mt. Miaofeng / 妙峰山
Mt. Shangfang / 上方山
Fragrant Hill / 香山
Mt. Yangtai Beijing / 阳台山
Mt. Mangshan / 蟒山
Mt. Yudu / 玉渡山
Mt. Haituo / 海坨山
Mt. Baiwang Beijing / 百望山

Top Attractions included in Beijing Mountain Climbing Tour

Most top attractions can be included in Beijing Mountain Climbing excursion: Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall or Simatai Great Wall can be visited together with Huaibei Mountain Climbing Resort or Nanshan Mountain Climbing Resort.
Badaling Great Wall, Jvyonguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs or Shixiaguan Great Wall can be visited with Badaling Mountain Climbing Resort.

All downtown attractions can be combined with any mountain climbing resort. We suggest morning sightsee trip to attractions, and then take mountain climbing in the afternoon. The attractions in downtown covers Tiananmen Squeare, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple and Olympic Park.

Best Season of Mountain Climbing Trip to Beijing

Spring and Autumn is the best season to take most mountain climbing trip, except two mountains. We suggest Summer to climb Mt.Lingshan and Mountain Wuling. These two mountains are very high, it is cold in Spring or Autumn.

Equipment for Mountain Climbing

Hiking backpacks, water bottles, hiking shoes, jackets, socks, medicines, raincoats. The food is mainly convenient to carry and not subject to deterioration, such as bread and taro.

Time to Reserve Mountaineering Trip

We suggest travelers to book Beijing Mountain Climbing tour 1 to 2 month in advance. The last time to make reservation is 2 days in advance.

Payment of Beijing Mountain Climbing Tour

Deposit is needed after confirmation of Beijing Mountaineering trip. Balance need to be remitted two weeks before tour date. Balance is available to be paid in cash when reach Beijing. Alipay or Wechat is suggested if available because there is no handling fee. Bank, Credit Card and PayPal are also acceptable.

Information Needed to Book Beijing Mountaineering Tour

Great Wall of BeijingPlease send us the following information to book mountain climbing trip to Beijing:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Mountaineering Tour Related FAQ and Email Dear Jasper, Thank you for the arrangement of the mountain trip to Mt.Lingshan. Everthing is fine. I have one question, is it possible to stay overnight on top of the mountain? We prefer to see the sunrising. thank you, John,
Dear John,
thank you for your reply. We do not suggest to stay overnight on top of Lingshan Mountain, because it is very cold in the evening, and it is not safe for only 5 travelers and a guide. You may enjoy the Sunrising on the day of Simatai Great Wall. We can arrange one night accommodation under the foot of Great Wall, then you may walk on Great Wall at 05:00 am to enjoy the Sunrising on Great Wall. Please let us know you advice.
best regards,

we are interested in one day tour to Mountain Wulingshan. Can you arrange the mountain excursion from Beijing. We are staying at Kuntai Royal Beijing. thank you, Foyner
Mountain tour to BeijingDear Foyner,
thank you for your email. One day tour to Mt.Wulingshan is possible, but it is too hurry to complete the trip within one day. Mt.Wuling is around 200 km northeast of Beijing. It needs 5 hours for single way transfer. We suggest you to stay overnight on top of the mountain, enjoy the sunrising on the mountain and then drive back to Beijing. Please let us know your tour date and number of travelers, then we will tailor an itinerary.
best regards, Lisa

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for your itinerary. Shall we have 4X4 SUV for the mountain climbing trip to Mountain Ling?
best regards, Foster
Dear Foster,
thank you for the email.
4X4 SUV is not necessary for the mountaineering trip in Beijing. The road is in very good condition to each mountain in Beijing. Normal car or van is enough.
best regards, Tracy

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