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Xian Tour Tips

Tips of visiting Xian
  • Xian tour tips on this page help travelers to plan a trip to Xian including Xian overview, history, season, accommodation, guide, dinning, performance,etc.


  • This Xian tour tips is composed based on more than 15 years Xian tour operating experience.
    These tips are helpful to save time, cut down cost and make a smooth trip when foreign travelers plan a trip to Xian.
    In Chinese, it is called '西安旅游小贴士' or '西安旅游攻略'. The content covers the main aspects related with Xian sightseeing.
  • Overview

    Lived mainly by Han people and Hui ethnic, Xian is located in the west part of China, not far from Lanzhou.
    This city is famous for the 8th wonder of the world - Terracotta Warriors and other cultural relics.
    Mt.Hua and Hukou Water located north of Xian is the main natural scenery of this city known by travelers.
    Most travelers come to Xian from Beijing to take sightseeing from 3 to 5 days.
  • History

    Being the capital of Tang Dynasty, Xian is a place to discover the history of Qin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty.
    As most travelers do not know, actually the capital of Qin is Xianyang, which is located 30 km northwest of Xian.
    The history of these two dynasties are presented in Terracotta Warriors Museum, Shannxi History Museum, Qianling Mausoleum and Xianyang Museum.
    Located on the way back to city from Terracotta Warriors, Banpo Museum is a place to know the ancient Xian people of more than 6000 years ago.
  • Culture

    Xian is abundant with Chinese culture, especially the traditional culture, such as calligraphy, caving, painting, mural, etc. Shannxi History Museum and Stele Museum are the right places to touch the culture of Xian. Perhaps foreign travelers do not understand the calligraphy, but i am sure you may feel the beauty of the words. If lucky, you may find the staff is copying the words on stele to a kind of Chinese traditional paper in Stele Museum.

    Shuyanmen Street is also suggested for a culture trip. You many find hand-wring related things in this traditional style street. Wondering in the street makes you clearly realized that you are traveling in Xian China.


  • Xian tour tips covers the main aspect of sightseeing of Xian, such as airport, vehicle, performance and dinning.
  • Custom

    Xian custom is represented by Shannxi custom and Guanzhong custom, which is a kind of unique style in China.
    Earth cave dwelling, shadow opera, local paper cutting and wedding present you a vivid custom of Shanxi. Localted north of Xian, Yanan and the surrounding area is a good place to feel Shannxi custom.
    If you think Yanan is too far from Xian, we suggest you a secret place in downtown Xian to feel the Shannxi custom. It is a garden on the west side of Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square. Many typical Shaanxi folk customs representative objects are presented in this garden. Although very closed to the top attractions of Xian, this garden is quiet in most of time. You can't believe it, this custom garden is FREE till now.

    Another place to feel the Guanzhong culture is called 'Guanzhong Folk Art Museum'.
    The museum collects folk items from past generations, such as furniture, lamps, New Year paintings, brick carvings, etc.
    You even can find a number of local buildings of ancient Ming and Qing dynasty, theater, shops and gate towers, wow.
  • Climate

    Xi'an has a warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. Spring is warm, dry and windy; summer is hot; autumn is cool, winter is cold, foggy, less rainy and snowy.
    It is recorded that Xian features mild climate and moderate rainfall. But most people feel this city is dry.
    Sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen are necessary when female travel Xian in Summer. As for man, em, lets enjoy the sunshine of this ancient capital.
  • Temperature

    The average annual temperature of Xian is 13. 0°C~ 13. 7°C.
    The average temperature in January is -1. 2°C~ 0. 0°C, which is the coldest month.
    Being the hottest month, July present average temperature around 26. 6°C. Sounds not very hot, unless you stand in sunshine of noon.

  • Travel season

    As you can see the above climate facts, Spring and Autumn makes you comfortable and there are more greens. But most travelers come to Xian to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Shannxi History Museum. Both places offers a roof, so the weather and temperature do not effect the sightseeing. When you sit in a private sightseeing car or a sharing tour coach with air-conditioning, who care the weather and temperature outside.
    Come one, lets visit Xian in any season, you can get a better price in winter.
    oh, if your itinerary include Mt.Hua, please skip winter. Take a poncho when you climb Mt.Hua.

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    • Airport

      There is one airport in Xian, actually it is in Xianyang, around 30 km northwest of Xian. yes, Xianyang, the capital of Qin Dynasty.
      So if you reach Xian not very late, it is possible to visit Xianyang Museum to find the different Terracotta Warriors of Xihan Dynasty.
    • Train Station

      There are two train stations for travelers to Xian. 'Xian Station' and 'Xian North Station'.
      Located in downtown, Xian station is used my most normal and overnight train. Xian North Station is located around 15 km north of Xian city. It was designed mainly for the speed trains. Just take a photo of your train tickets and send them if you can not make clear which station name should be given to driver.

    • Vehicle

      Transfer methods within Xian covers public transfer, private vehicle and sharing tour coach. Compared with other tourism city, the price of Xian vehicle is not expensive. So we suggest you to use a private vehicle and driver. It makes the sightseeing flexible. For sure the join in group tour (seat in coach tour) is also not a bad idea, which make your Xian sightseeing very easy and offers great value of money.

    • Guide

      Local tour guide always very helpful, especially in the city abundant with culture and history.
      It is available to ask tour guide to suggest nice local restaurant if you take private tour in Xian.
      Please contact us to book a guide as early as possible if you visit Xian in peak season.

    • Attractions

      Terracotta Warriors is the number one attraction should be included in your Xian tour. The tickets should be reserved in advance.
      Ancient City Wall of Xian was built in Ming Dynasty. Being the best preserved one, the city wall is one of the land mark of this city. Hiking or biking on the city wall make it possible to take a bird view of the city.
      Shannxi History Museum tells you the history of Xian and Shannxi area.
      Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the first land place when Buddhism reach China.
      Stele Museum is a museum to touch Chinese calligraphy and stone carving.
      Qianling mausoleum can be included if you are interested in history of Tang Dynasty or Mausoleum.
      Mt.Hua is one of the famous mountains of China. Beautiful scenery, unbelievable cliff and vigorous calligraphy makes your sightseeing interesting.

    • Performance

      The number one performance suggested for travelers in Xian (even in China) is the Tang Dynasty Show. It covers oral stunts, musical instruments play and Tang Dynasty dance. It is a good chance to understand the music and culture of Tang Dynasty.

      There is a local Shannxi opera named Qinqiang (秦腔), which represents the custom of Xian and Shannxi. The best place to enjoy the local opera is 'Shangyou Qin Opera Theater' (尚友秦腔茶楼), which is located in Yongqingfang area.

    • Dinning

      Xian offers nice Shannxi Cuisine(陕西菜). Features complete shape and fragrant juice, Shanxi cuisine covers the flavor of Shannxi, Ningxia, Qinghai, even Xijiang. Many dishes are roasted or steamed.
      The famous dish covers Gourd chicken (葫芦鸡), Burn three freshes (烧三鲜), Milk Soup Pot Fish (奶汤锅子鱼), etc.
      When you told several names of local dishes, your tour guide will be surprised, Lol

      Lunch is included in your itinerary if you take private tour or join in grup tour in Xian. You even can talk about your flavor with your private tour guide. After daytime sightseeing, you can take a leisure walking near your hotel to find a nice local restaurant. For sure, there are nice restaurant in your hotel, and many of them are better than restaurant outside.

      Dumpling is a kind of Chines food, it is available in all cities of China. But it was made in various shape and color in Xian, which make it worth a taste. Dumpling dinner is available before you watching the Tang Dynasty Show and available in many local restaurants.
      Many travelers are suggested to find food on Muslim street. Actually, most them are snack. You can try them if interested in them, but they are not suggested as your main food.

    • Hotel

      Being a world level tourism city, Xian never short of hotel. The hotel options covers local brand hotel, world famous brand, chain hotel, tourism hotel, business hotel, theme hotel, hostel, etc.
      Whatever level or brand you prefer, we suggest you to stay within the Ancient City Wall, which help you to feel the culture atmosphere of ancient Xian.

    • How to Visit Xian

      The best solution to travel Xian:
      - visit top attractions,
      - use private vehicle and driver,
      - rent a local tour guide,
      - stay in a hotel within city wall,
      - taste local dishes,

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