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  • Xian Private Tour

    travel Xian with private vehicle and private guide

    • Xian private tour offers the most comfortable sightseeing include private vehicle, driver as well as private tour guide. The products are available from half day to multi-days.


      Xian private tour is the best product to discover the ancient capital of China - Xian. The private vehicle, driver and private tour guide service make the traveling of Xian flexible and comfortable.
      Favored by most foreign travelers, Xian private tour is called '西安独立成团旅游' or '西安私人订制旅游' in Chinese.
      The private trip of Xian can be be tailored according to the request of travelers under reasonable time schedule.
      Xian private tour is available from half day, one day, to multi-days in tour length. The multi-days Xian private package tour is the best product if this is your first trip to Xian.

    Photo of Xian Private Tour

    • Xian private tour photo covers images of service providers used in the private sightseeing.


      Private tour and join in group tour are both available in Xian, but private tour is the main products in this ancient City.

      Xian private tour features Xian local private tour guide, private vehicle, private driver, private transfer, dinning on separate table, as well as private sightseeing in attractions. The private service providers offers comfortable sightseeing and worry-free private tourism service in Xian.

      Besides Xian popular private tour, it is available to visit unpopular or unique attractions with Xian deep or theme private tour. The deep private tour offers more angels to discover Xian, which can be choose after your first trip of this city.

      Most Xian private trips can be booked one month to one year in advance. Travelers may get a better price when make early reservation.
    • Classic Itinerary

      Xian Private One Day Tour Itinerary
      Be met from your hotel lobby in downtown Xian at 08:30am.
      Drive to attraction to take morning sightseeing.
      Drive to a nice local restaurant for lunch and a short rest.
      Then you will be transfered to attractions for afternoon sightseeing.
      Drive back to your hotel, service end.

      Xian Private Package Tour Itinerary
      Day 1. Pick up travelers from airport or train station. Transfer to hotel for checking in.
      Day 2. Xian sightseeing of Terracotta Warriors and downtown (Such as History Museum, City Wall, etc.).
      Day 3. Take sightseeing to west line of Xian, such as Qianling Mausoleum and Xianyang Museum.
      Day 4. You will be transferred to airport or train station for departure. Service end.

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    Xian Private Tour Tips

    • The hotel accommodation should be arranged within Ancient City Wall in Xian.
    • Three days is suggested to spend in private sightseeing of Xian, except airport or train station transfer.
    • It is an unique experience to take a light hiking or cycling on the Xian City Wall if you reserved private tour.
    • Xian Tang Dynasty Show should never be skipped.
    • Xian private tour should be reserved as early as possible, which offers a possibility of lower price.
    • If time permit, you may taste Xian local snack in Yongxinggang Area, which is closely related with Chinese local culture and custom.


      The most popular places are always available in Xian private tours: Terracotta Warriors, Banpo Museum, Huaqing Pool, City Wall, History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
      Being the best tour product, Xian private tour is also possible to include some remote but interesting attractions: Famen Temple, Yuanjia Villagge, Hanling Mausoleum, Mt.Hua, Hukou Waterfall, etc.

      Private sightseeing trip of Xian make it possible to visit attractions of nearby cities. Some travelers visited YanAn, Hanzhong and Baoji start from Xian.

      Part of entry tickets needs to be reserved in advance; please follow the advice of your tour advisor when make reservation. The scanned copy of your passport is needed to reserve tickets.

    • Why

      - Separate vehicle offers private space for your friends or family.
      - Private local driver of Xian make it possible to take a quick stop at possible places upon your request.
      - Xian private local guide answers all your questions and company you all the time during sightseeing in Xian.
      - The choice of restaurant, dishes and flavor can be talked about before reaching restaurant.
      - It is possible to tailor the private itinerary before reservation, or even during traveling.
      - Xian private tour offers comfortable sightseeing.

    • Information Needed

      The following information is needed when you book a private trip of Xian. Xian Tour code,
      Tour date,
      Numbers of travelers,
      Name on passport,
      Mobile phone,
      Hotel level,
      Your preferred payment method,

    • Dining

      Almost all travelers have breakfast in hotel, which was reserved by travel agent or on travelers own. Most morning sightseeing starts from hotel lobby after breakfast.

      Local restaurant and tourism restaurant are both available for lunch during Xian sightseeing. Most travelers prefer to taste Xian local dish while traveling Xian.
      You can told your flavor to tour guide before reaching the restaurant. Tour guide will help you to order dish. Tourism restaurant can be used when the time is limited or out of downtown.

      Dinner is suggested to be arranged by travelers. You can find a nice restaurant in or near your hotel.

    • Best Season

      If you do not care about the temperature, you can take a Xian trip in any month, because the attractions of Xian is not affected so much by season.

      When you take private tour to Xian and there is possibility to choose visiting time, you are suggested to visit Xian in Spring or Autumn, which offers a comfortable sightseeing temperature.
      In my opinion, the best season covers March 15 to April 30, May 8 to May 31, September 1 to September 30 and October 8 to November 15.

    Xian Private Tour Note

    • Please leave enough time for the transfer to airport although you use private vehicle, because the traffic is heavy, especially during rush hour.
    • The tickets of Terracotta Warriors needs to be reserved in advance, which avoid waiting in line with group travelers.
    • Only change itinerary when really necessary, after signature on itinerary.
    • Please follow advice of tour guide when take private sightseeing in religious area of Xian.
    • Payment or deposit should be received at least one week before tour date.

    Xian Private Tour FAQ

    • What kind of vehicle is used in our Xian private trip ?
    • We use 5 seats car or 9 seats private van for 1 to 6 travelers, such as Passat, Hundyai, Refine, Jinbei, etc. 19 to 22 seat mini-bus will be used if you have a big family or travel with your friends.
      Kept in good condition, all vehicles are equipped with air-condition.
    • Does the private guide company us all the way in Xian sightseeing ?
    • Yes, the tour guide company all the time during the private trip in Xian, unless you prefer to have private space with your family, such as while taking a light hiking on the city wall. Tour guide will wait you at appointed place.
    • Is it possible to do some special arrangement on our meal if we book the private tour of Xian with you ?
    • Yes, it is possible, please let us know your request on meal before final confirmation. And you may communicate small details with private tour guide after reaching Xian.
    • Period to Avoid

      You are not suggested to take Xian tour during Chinese public holiday, such as May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7. Spring Festival is not a good time to visit Xian because most tour guide go back home to spend the holiday with family.
      During these periods, the attractions, hotel, vehicle, guide, flight and train are very busy, and some of them raise price in this period.

      Some western travelers prefer to visit Xian during Spring Festival to feel the the most important festival of China. Then you need to make reservation and remit full payment at least one month in advance.

    • Deep Tour

      Xian private tour is capable of leading travelers to take a classic trip of this ancient capital; at the same time, it is the best method to take a deep visiting.
      Deep private tour of Xian covers some unique but interesting attractions in itinerary, which offers a new or unique angle to discover Xian. For example, Xian deep tours may covers the precious mural of Tang Dynasty, ancient Buddhist Temple of Tang Dynasty, Relics Museum of Qin and Han Dynasty, etc. Please contact tour advisor if you prefer to take a deep tour of Xian.

      Xian deep tour is only available to be operated by private vehicle and private guide.

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