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Guilin One Day Tour

discover Guilin within one day

  • Guilin one day tour offers sightseeing of Guilin downtown or suburb attractions within 8-9 hours. Private and join in group day tour are both available. Li River cruise day to Yangshuo is included.


    Guilin one day tour refer to 1 day sightseeing trip within downtown Guilin as well as the suburb area, such as Yangshuo, Longsheng, Xingan, Lingui, etc.
    Start from hotel in downtown Guilin, most one day trip is limited within 8 hours.
    1 day Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and one day tour to Dragon Backbone (Longji) Rice Terrace are popular products welcomed by most travelers.

    Guilin one day tour is the best choice for business travelers or free & easy travelers. It also can be added on your Guilin package tour to make the trip more interesting.

Photo of Guilin One Day Tour

  • Guilin one day tour photo covers the main attractions can be included in one day trip start from Guilin: Downtown, Yangshuo via Li River Cruise, Longsheng Rice Terrace and Ling Canal in XingAn.


  • Guilin one day tour mainly covers the following direction and routes:
    downtown Guilin : This day trip visit 3 or 4 attractions within downtown area of Guilin. The main attractions covers kast cave and beautiful hill along Li River.

    Li River Cruise : The ship start from southeast suburb of Guilin, reach Yangshuo after 4.5 hours cruising. Drive back to Guilin after short visiting of Yangshuo.
    Yangshuo : There is no time to visit other attractions after cruising ship reach Yangshuo. But it is available to take a Yangshuo one day tour from Guilin by a private car.

    Longsheng County : This is a day trip to discover Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace deep in mountain located around 80 km northwest of Guilin.
    XianAn County : This day tour usually covers the famous Ling Canal and Water Street. Lemandi Amusement Park and local village are also available within one day trip start from Guilin.


  • Guilin local team since 2005, abundant experience in operating day tour of Guilin,
  • Licensed tourism vehicle with experienced driver, familiar with all attractions in day trip,
  • Friendly and professional tour guide show you the best way to discover attractions and make full use of each minute during the day trip,
  • No commission to other organization, which secure the best day tour price for direct travelers to Guilin or travel agent,
  • Popular Guilin day tour and unique designed day tours are both available,
  • Flexibility in sightseeing day, such as the pick up time, visiting speed, etc.
  • Real feedback from travelers in the past,

Map of Guilin One Day Tour

  • Guilin one day tour map shows the five main area for day trips : downtown, Li River Cruise, Yangshuo, Longsheng and XingAn. Popular attractions are also included.
  • Guilin One Day Tour map

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    Guilin One Day Tour Tips

    • Early booking of Guilin one day trip is helpful to get the best price.
    • It it possible to complete the day tour at DongXiXiang Street of Guilin, which is a good place for local snack and souvenir.
    • Lunch is included on the ship when you take a one day cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.
    • Most one day trip is limited within 8 hours; It is possible to exten one hour if the attraction located in suburb of Guilin.
    • Dragon Backbone (Longji) Rice Terrace covers different sections of rice terrace to be discovered. And the best season is April to October .
    • Top Attractions of Guilin Day Tour

      Downtown Guilin : Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Jingjiang County, Duxiu Peak, Seven Star Park, Seven Star Cave, Dongxixiang Street, Two Rivers and Four Lakes,

      Li River Cruise and Yangshuo : During this day tour, travelers take 4.5 hours cruising along Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, no stop on the way. After reaching Yangshuo, West Street will be visited before driving back to Guilin.
      Yangshuo : Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Yulong River, Local village. This day tour is only possible via double way private car start from Guilin.

      Longsheng county : Dragon Backbone (Longji) Rice Terrace, Village of Ethnic Zhuang,
      XingAn county : Ling Canal(Lingqu Canal), Water Street, Lemandi Amusement Park, Dailiu Village,
      Other attractions : Except above manin attractions, some attractions in suburb near Guilin are also can be covered in a day trip from Guilin, such as Daxu Ancient Town, Mt.Yao, Gudong Forest and Waterfall.

    • Classic Itinerary

      Most Guilin one day tour runs in the following sequence:
      Be met from hotel in downtown at around 08:30am.
      Drive to take morning tour include one or two attractions in or near Guilin.
      Have lunch in Guilin local restaurant on the way to next attraction.
      Drive to take after noon tour include 1 or 2 places.
      Be transferred back to hotel in Guilin after day trip.

      Only one or attractions can be visited when travelers take day trip to suburb of Guilin.

    Guilin One Day Tour Note

    • Guilin one day tour start from hotel in downtown Guilin. Please contact us if your hotel is located in Yangshuo or other place out of Guilin.
    • One day Li River cruise is only available from Guilin to Yangshuo. Vehice is used for the transfer from Yangshuo back to Guiulin.
    • Sanjiang one day tour is not available within one day. We suggest one night accommodation in Sanjiang.
    • Part of Guilin day trip is limited by season. For example, the yellow leaf one day tour is only available in late Autumn.
    • Guilin join in goup one day tour does not departure daily after COVID, please contact us to check you requested date.

    Guilin One Day Tour FAQ

    • What time shall we be picked up ?
    • The normal pick up time is 08:30am or 09:00am. But the pick up can be tailored if you take private day trip.
    • All Guilin one day tours are available for both private and join in group ?
    • Only part of one day tours are available for join in group tour. All tours are available for private trip.
    • Which is the best season for Guilin day trip ?
    • Day tour of Guilin is not effected by season, but we have to say April to October offers you the best scenery.
    • Which place we should expect our guide and driver ?
    • Guilin one day tour start from lobby of downtown Guilin hotel. Please contact us if your hotel is out of downtown, or in other city or town.
    • Unique Designed One Day Theme Tour

      The following unique designed day trip is suggested if you are regular travelers of Guilin:

      Flower day tour : Flower can be combined with classic attractions to form an interesting and pleasant day tour in Guilin. Such as Rape blossoms can be combined with Reed Flute Cave, Rhododendron can be combined with Seven Star Park or Mt.Yao, Magnolia is available to visit visited with Fobo Hill.
      The flower day tour is only available from February to April. Please talk with our tour advisor for further information.

      Golf day trip : Being a beautiful city, Guilin also owns several very good Golf ground. And part of them just sit on the bank of Li River. It is a pleasure to play a round of golf after the tour.
      Ancient Villages day tour : Ancient villages can be visited togeter with popular attractions. The top villages near Guilin include Daxu Town and Xiongcun Village. The village is located around 20 km to Guilin, which make it possible to push the village and downtown attractions into one day.

      Day tour of Yellow Leaf : Ginkgo biloba is available in many sections of Guilin. It is a good choice to combine yellow leaves with popular attractions. The best place of the yellow leaves are Haiyang Town, which is 50 km east of Guilin and can be covered by a day trip.
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